Friday, January 25, 2013


I would not be bombarding the immediate planet if this issue were not a threat to good government, Democrats, progressives and ALL people of sound ethical principles everywhere.  We ALL should want fair elections but now we are wise to the Republican Party theft of not one but probably two elections in the past, their present day attempts at voter suppression in 2012, electoral gerrymandering districts and in the future their goal is a repeat PERMANENT performance dismembering Democrats everywhere for all time through the electoral college. I sent the following:

I am enclosing the letter I sent to Representative Nina Turner of Ohio.  She was a most forceful ally for the voter suppression tactics of no ethics Republicans.  Now we face yet another even worse more threatening challenge of electoral college rigging that I think can be fought in the Federal courts on a One Man One Vote basis.  The Democratic Party SHOULD provide help as well.  Here is my letter with Wiki One Man One Vote info pasted within it.  

We need EVERYONE'S help  -- yours, the ACLU, the media, MSNBC our advocates and voters everywhere who were with us want clean fair elections who have the knowledge and power to fight this Republican Party of endless money to steal elections in perpetuity.

Dear Rep. Turner: I thought you were one of the MOST EFFECTIVE and positive voices especially on MSNBC for the ugly voter suppression tactics of the Republican Party of no ethics during this ever-so-difficult 2012 election. You were fantastic!  

Now we face yet another huge challenge that may be more difficult to fix I do not know. I know you know what is at stake. I am calling on you to yet again be the most vociferous voice to argue emphatically for the negation of the electoral college vote fix by Republicans throughout the nation. 

If these mendacious and plotting Republicans are not stopped they could in all the swing states, Ohio, being one of them, steal especially the presidential election in perpetuity. This is a naked power grab by Republicans who could if it is perfected especially in swing states but really in every state, even though Dems would win the popular vote, they would lose every time the presidential vote to Republicans. 

I need not tell you this is the most important and dastardly challenge by Republicans we as Democrats. progressives and others of sound character face. We need a STRONG articulate voice to help the electorate NOT succumb to this evil Republican force and hope MSNBC will have you on yet again to convey a positive force for stopping this potential threat to ALL progressives Democrats and others everywhere. 

Republicans have the money and our people are tired I know BUT the giant must be aroused and I can think of no better voice than yours to shout this from the rafters and work to prevent this disgusting occurrence from happening. I enclose the Wiki site which talks about ONE MAN ONE VOTE challenges in other times. I hope it can apply to our challenge now and HOPE you will be there for us once again. Here is the link on Wiki as to the history of One Man One Vote--attention to the History section and the Warren Court Section is advised.,_one_vote ;

I hope we will see you on MSNBC as we did during the election. You were just great!