Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Broken Promises":While I was surfing the web looking for ideas which adequately convey my reasons for being so disgruntled and unhappy with the Obama presidency, I came across a blog I link below. Barack Obama was a man, initially, I loved and for whom I harbored mountains of hope. For some time now, I have been very critical of a president I THOUGHT I adored. I was willing to overlook the plethora of compromised policy and chalk it up to the Herculean difficulty of political negotiation, the art of compromise and Congressional intractability.

Then the Louisiana spill occurred, and my feelings of love and pride in him were thrown completely overboard. Not only has he reneged to environmentalists by flip flopping on off shore drilling failing so IMPORTANTLY to even secure that first-of-its-kind drilling with proper oversight and regulation, not only did he fail to totally overthrow the Bush administration’s monumentally corrupt Department of Interior placing an oil crony Salazar as its head, not only did he renege on substantial economic reform which would rein in derivatives and too-big-to-fail banks putting the greediest of foxes in charge of the proverbial chicken coup, not only did he renege on the vital public option basis for health care reform, but he also MOST importantly has reneged on his commitment to Fourth Amendment fundamentals of due process. He has turned his back on his base and, most egregiously, he has reneged on the very FOUNDATION of a Democratic government. He has thrown overboard the life jacket of a democracy and its very reason d’ĂȘtre spilling the life blood of the republic thereby weakening it. He continues the Republican tradition of putting in place a secret oligarchy (corporate control of government) which pays lip service to liberal ideas but in practice does quite the opposite. Obama is Bush dressed in a new suit. In other words he lied and continues to do so.

It is INCONCEIVABLE to me how I could read a president so wrongly. Then again, I have surely been wrong before on big issues. I profusely say mea culpa when I make those errors and I suspect I have made a big one on what I thought a Barack Obama presidency would look like. I do NOT like what I have seen so far beginning with the invitation of the religious right wing fundamentalist Rick Warren from the Saddleback Church to speak at Obama's MOST historic inauguration. Rick Warren's invitation was a STRONG metaphor from the very beginning of the Obama administration for the kind of presidency Barack Obama would reflect. He would COMPLETELY turn his back on his base.

The oil spill broke this camel's back. BP Oil is in the business of oil drilling no matter where it exists because it is a corporation designed to do one thing -- make money. No one drills because they love drilling. They drill to make a buck. I absolve BP of the major responsibility for this catastrophe of epic proportions and place it at the feet of our president who when he gave thumbs up to off shore drilling (and continues to issue permits for it) committed the worst, most long lasting and devastating crime against our country, its humanity, the people of Louisiana, other states and even possibly the world.

I came across the following article written by Lou Ralls. I know nothing about Mr. Ralls or his blog and I do not agree with all he says most especially his thoughts on resignation but I know certain sentiments with which I do agree and which I enumerated above. He says pertinently to me the following at the beginning of his blog:

"We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama’s inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory.”

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