Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Case for Northern Secession: I just read a headline on MSNBC which said: “With a price tag of at least $1.5 billion, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is 2.5 miles longer than Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.” The article is about a huge bridge China recently constructed and made my cerebral wheels turn. My sin is envy. Some say China will be on the downturn. Well, I do not see that yet. I see wherever I go, whatever I buy a made in China tag. Few things are made in America now.

Can I get citizenship in rising China or maybe a China that already HAS already risen? I jest, of course, but I pause for thought. That industrious and population gargantuan country is where the US used to be at the turn of the 20th century through 2000 when the activist SCOTUS installed George W. Incompetent Bush in a stolen presidency. The US used to be the one unveiling progress and creating immense hope. I vaguely remember they used to call it the “American Dream.” Those days are gone as EVERYTHING is made somewhere else BUT in America. Nothing is left of the promise. 50% of America duped wants to vote for Republicans whose 1% mega rich supporters will take it all and leave most of us with really, well, nothing – no jobs, no homes, no money, no Social Security, no Medicare – nothing, zip, nada.

I wonder if there will be a mass exodus some day out of this country. If one rides down a major road in my town it is dotted with “Going Out of Business” and foreclosure signs on homes. Much business is gone EVEN movie theaters do not get the attention they once did. With the exception of car and body smashing stupidity films there is often nothing in the movies to see anyway and who needs a rotten box of butter drenched artery clogging popcorn for ten bucks. This is what sells in America – stupidity. What is good here any more?

We are a completely divided nation as we were in 1860, the age of Lincoln. In fact, this era reminds me of that time. Sometimes I really do wish they had allowed the red southern states to secede. Think of all the lives NOT waging the Civil War would have saved: 620,000! Maybe the Lincoln election was our biggest mistake because it forced states with an entirely regressive and reactionary philosophy to stay in a nation that was about creating its egalitarian promise and progressive change. Lincoln the last great hope for Reconstruction was, of course, assassinated by the southern “Cause” zealot John Wikes Booth.

In truth, though, in the election of 1860 Lincoln did not win by much as the election was split and the south ran the Democrat Breckenridge. Look him up he was why the Democratic Party in the 1860 election could not win. Not only did he believe in slavery, he believed in the expansion of it into the then western territories. Every candidate in that election INCLUDING Lincoln did not think the black man their equal. The difference was that Lincoln disliked slavery, did not want it to spread westward and thought a man should get paid for the labor he performed.

If it were not for most especially the southern red states our President Obama could get anything his philosophy would dictate passed. Why can he not? -- Because racism is still the cancer that rules, invades and is killing the body. That racist thought and the desire to Christianize this country tying church to state is now the underpinning of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party, some say, is the party of Lincoln? I say not any more! The Republican Party today morphed into the party of Breckenridge then. Lincoln took only 43% of the popular vote because the country was so split. We are STILL split except the parties have reversed roles. The Democratic Party became the party of FDR and systemic institutional change. The Republican Party stood for the Hoovarian status quo. In the election of 1968 the morphing of parties took shape and the so called “moral majority” – the party of endemic racism, opposition to FDR’s New Deal and LBJ's Civil Rights Act of 1965 – was born. It is now the reason the Congress can get nothing done.

I believe, racism, the cancer within that body never dies. It is the fuel that fires Republicans now and why they are so rabid to defeat Obama. One simply need look at the complexion of that party in events of its candidates. It is nearly all white. Its platform is the mixing of religion and state as well as the dismantling of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Except for some technological advancement between 1860 and 2011 the psychological essence flowing through the veins of this country is now, as I see it, eerily the same!