Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Letter to Senator Warren

Senator Warren, I just got through listening to your book "A Fighting Chance" on CD. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am one of your ardent supporters from Framingham you mention in your book. I have been a supporter of yours since I first saw you on Bill Moyers PBS show. When you ran for the Senate to take back the seat Teddy Kennedy occupied for 50 years held after his death by a Republican the views of whom Teddy would have loathed, I cheered as it returned to Democratic hands.

I could not be with everyone at the Copley Plaza Hotel cheering your Senate victory because I am disabled from polio. Yes, I was one of the unlucky ones who contracted the dreaded disease inducing paralysis before Dr. Salk and Sabin freed humanity from its terror. FDR who began the March of Dimes to find a vaccine for it proved to me government can work for the greater good. If my legs are not so well functioning my mouth surely is and my pen writes, I humbly say, rather well.

I cried at the end of your book out of sadness and empathy when your beloved dog Otis died and I cried out of happiness when you won that seat back for the people of Massachusetts. Teddy would have been so proud.

I have watched you closely over the years and every time Rachel Maddow has you on I am glued to the interview. I will work hard for any Democrat who wins the 2016 presidential primary as I did for you for the Senate. I am hoping, one day, you will take a seat in the oval office and I will live to see that day too.

I love you Senator Warren. You give me hope and instill the same for the powerless and hopeless many. May you be in our political midst for many years to come. Finally, you have proven, despite all odds, we the people have a fighting chance!

Yalom's Cure

This clip below is in English and hit a bulls-eye to so much about which 
 I have given thought. It's short.


I confess, I did not watch the Republican debate last night. I could not because it hurt too much to hear their spewing that passes for policy truth when I know they are the Trojan Horse waiting to strike and kill a nation. I could not watch those who are the most unqualified for the highest office in the land burp policy as though they knew what they were talking about. I could not look at a Ben Carson, the most unqualified in the group, whose belief in fantasy which included hitting his mother with a hammer in his youth, stabbing someone and whose ego makes him think he, the most unqualified of the sad Republican slate, could handle the Herculean task of assuming the presidency of the strongest nation on earth and who will hold the nuclear keys to the box that could annihilate the globe.

These science denying know nothing Republican candidates are poised to destroy this nation if not by weapons then by doing nothing to stop the climate disasters we have seen with frequency so vividly across the nation. Science denial is their most egregious sin as man's knowledge of science is the key to our species' survival. The key to Republican survival is to court the richest oil, gas and bank barons who support their candidacy with oodles of cash.

The Republican Party genius is that it has made their Tea Bag and other middle class income supporters think they are all about them. They surely are not. They are, as I and others much smarter than I, have said so many times about the top richest 1% and care nothing for most of you.

All the Republican tax plans will add trillions to the debt, take programs away from those who need them most and nearly all pledge this nation to eternal war in the Middle East. If this is what you want for your children and succeeding generations then by all means vote Republican. Vote for a Republican Party that is mendacious – lying ALL the time and doing so with impunity.

Republicans will never have an immigration plan as they will NEVER deport 11 million Hispanics and others or build a wall and make Mexico gleefully pay. They will never round up 11 million human beings who will go happily into the night like Jews to the German slaughter. Hispanics and others will fight back and it will be bloody sending millions to their graves or jails in privately owned prisons that are already stuffed to the gills belching humanity that cannot fit into their crowded cells.

I have sat on the left humane side of the political spectrum and have been a strong Democrat all of my adult life. I did so not because I think Democrats are always right but because Republicans in times of significant economic upheaval and war are nearly always wrong. You simply have to look to modern history to believe it.