Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bush’s Book: IF a Democrat made decisions which were murderous to his own people based on lies, IF he took an ENTIRE nation to war based on lies, IF he took the "coalition of the willing" to war based on lies, IF a Democratic president was guilty of the murder of thousands of innocents based on lies and destabilized the entire Middle East handing power to the alleged arch enemy Iran, IF a Democratic president did those things not only would he have been impeached he would have been tried and convicted of war crimes.

LOOK at what that man did! Look at the horror and the RUINED lives of our soldiers who volunteered for this dastardly war because most did not understand the truth. Many are wounded in body and spirit and many are dead. I ask FOR WHAT did they die -- for a lie? Bush says in his interview with Matt Lauer to push Bush’s book that we were NOT attacked on his watch? OH really, Mr. Bush, REALLY? Lauer, does NOT hold Bush’s feet to the fire. Why am I NOT surprised? I thought 9/11 WAS an attack on BUSH’s watch. Bush was warned by the presidential daily briefing about an impending terrorist attack within the US and he did NOTHING. Moreover, it was NOT true that everyone thought Hussein had WMD. MANY in the academic and professional foreign policy spheres doubted it. Bush/Cheney planned and calculated this move that they wanted to perfect even before 9/11. 9/11 provided the EXCUSE to commit a policy SO toxic, SO cruel, SO INHUMANE and SO unwise it RUINED the lives of millions, put the world at risk and it STAINED the reputation of our nation abroad.

I aver we are NOT at LESS risk of another attack but MORE because the hornets in the nest are furious in a fiery part of the world. The blood STILL runs in the streets of Baghdad every day.

Further, wars are expensive. War makes the very few very rich but it impoverishes the many. We will be in Iraq because an entrenched military/industrial complex wants eternal war for profit. It has cost trillions and is still costing this taxpaying nation BILLIONS each day in perpetuity!

We are getting out of Iraq? I DON’T think so not with THIS president who is sometimes a mirror image of the predecessor he VOWED he would not be. This president promised systemic change. He PROMISED he would be different. The president breaks his promises day in and day out on a plethora of policy. The conservatives should LOVE him. He is in a state of denial about those who hate him and want to see him BROKEN -- broken of position and broken of spirit. He WILL get both.

I LOATH that I was deceived, I loath that this president is NOT what I thought he would be, and I LOATH the disappointment. We DESPERATELY need a third party to hold a politician to his promises. The president is NOT holding himself to his own promises and alienates his base day by day. The red hot charismatic campaigner has turned into dull glacial ice.

Republicans and tea baggers LOVE it but Obama's base DOES NOT! I feel like I have been the victim of a BATE AND SWITCH selling. He is NOT the candidate I and millions of others bought. If he does NOT grow a spine, he WILL, in fact, be a one term president. If the ENTIRE Democratic Party does not grow a spine the Republicans will take BOTH houses of Congress back, perhaps, PERMANENTLY.

If Bush was "the decider" Obama is "the compromiser." Republicans, UNCOMPROMISING and EXTREME, are uncorking the champagne now. The president is playing RIGHT into the opposition's hands. Does he KNOW this or is this a plot agreed to by Democrats? I am NOT a conspiratorialist but either he or the Democratic Party has agreed to keep corporatists happy OR they both are absolutely DEAF to the criticism of the Democratic base and the Independent middle. I hope it's the latter but I wish it were neither.