Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Again the press failed to ask the appropriate questions at Trump's "press conference" with King Abdullah of Jordan. What was CONSPICUOUSLY absent regarding the Syrian gas attack on innocents was Russia. NOTHING BUT NOTHING was said about Russia. Russia may have if not perpetrated the attacks for Russia's ally Assad, stood by and looked on as Assad mercilessly did so. Russia MUST be addressed when policy toward Syria is made but Trump cannot as he holds conflicting financial hands with the head of the Russian bullion, Putin, to the point of treason.

All of a sudden Trump is an internationalist when all his previous tweets going back years said no involvement with Syria. Now he sounds like he will enter the fray COMPLEX as that fray is without saying one thing about how he will go about perfecting Middle East policy and what kind of military force will he use and for how long.

Dare I wait to hear what this know nothing president has to say about China and North Korea. He says not to worry about actions as he will choose what he will do without telling anyone. Great escape clause.

 Is this all war all the time? Syrian gas attack, he says did not cross a "red line" but crossed MANY lines? So what the hell does that mean? God help us as Russia's useful idiot continues to lie and lie and obstruct ALL the time!


I listened to Rachel Maddow last night and could not help but scream and then cry about what she conveyed.

 If you are not frozen in fear and incredulity that Drumpf signs things with no cameras or reporters present behind closed doors when he knows the electorate would hate what he is signing into law by executive order then you must be hiding your head in the tar sands. Even his own supporters would hate these signings. Do extremist "conservatives" not have children or grandchildren? Do they not even care about the risk to their family's health and their own health?

For example: If you can believe this he signed an Executive Order so that guns could be made available to the mentally ill.

He signed an Executive Order so that restrictions be lifted of a certain chemical poison that is used by, for example, Dow Chemical and I am sure other corporations. Dow's president and others stood behind the president behind closed doors smiling and applauding. I wonder if they or their children or someone they know and/or love are poisoned by it or contract a case of cancer from it how much will their smiling stupidity remain on their faces?

He signed an Executive Order increasing the emissions that could spew from corporate smoke stacks.

He signed an Executive Order that now the Internet providers can use all of your information from sites you visit and sell it off to other corporations taking your information without your knowledge.

He approved the Canadian oil pipeline flowing with the dirtiest tar sands oil stretching across the US to Louisiana. In the end it will keep 35 jobs and the oil will not go to the US. What could possibly go wrong? Piping leaks anyone?

He signed legislation ending a key Obama administration coal mining rule. The bill quashes the Office of Surface Mining's Stream Protection Rule, a regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste that officials finalized in December.

He signed an order reversing Obama's efforts to address climate change. Drumpf says climate change is a hoax. Have you seen weather events in California, the west and the southwest and around the entire globe that proves the insanity of Drumpf's position on climate change? He and it are idiocy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned. Only one word comes to mind RESIST!!!