Friday, August 14, 2015

States Try To Dig Up Planned Parenthood Violations, Fail Miserably Probes in Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Dakota have uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing.

TWO thumbs UP!!! yeeeha/ Republicrats try and try and try and try to do things that cost the taxpayer millions to investigate Democrats and come up with ZERO time and time and time again. One would think these paranoid pariahs would be careful of investigations that cost money and go nowhere since they allegedly care about the budget so much, of course, only when it helps the poor. The big corps not so much Republicons give them as much taxpayer cash as they need.

Good for Planned Parenthood and I hope the electorate is not so stupid as to buy the Republicrat tripe. Republicons are simply FOOLS. Sure try to legislate Obamacare out of existence, close the government, investigation threefold of Benghazi went NOWHERE, the IRS went nowhere, Voter sign up by ACORN was phony set up by conservative like James O'Keefe to take it down. They have ZERO on all of it and I'm going to put my money on Hillary that she would NOT ever be so ridiculous as to give these swine treacherous jerks any ammunition with which to take her down. These Republicans are SICK jackasses.


FINALLY. Cuba Libre?

FINALLY a restoration of the US embassy in Cuba and a restoration of diplomatic relations with that island 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

Is Cuba free? Many would say not entirely but the US albatross of its own making against the small Cuban island for not very much reason is finally coming off our necks.

I will comment later as I witness this wonderful historic moment of change, that only a Democratic administration could bring. Finally!