Friday, January 25, 2008

Gibson's gay obsession: John Gibson, commentator from Fox News, recently made a joke about the recent death of the actor Heath Ledger who played the role of a gay man in the film "Brokeback Mountain."

At long as have you no shame, John Gibson and Fox News? The comment from John Gibson after the death of Heath Ledger leaves me, for once in my life, speechless. I do not know what makes up the content or lack of it of some people's character. They simply are missing something in the synaptic tapestry of their brain. I will never understand why they care so much about with whom someone sleeps. It makes not one inch of a difference to their lives. No one tells John Gibson whom to be with or whom to love. Heath Ledger was NOT even gay. He PLAYED a gay man in a movie for God's sake. Even if he were I would never understand why the right wingers do not understand that gay issues are about the freedom to pursue a singular happiness and love whom one choses while maintaining all the political (and financial) rights everyone else enjoys. Perhaps, it is because those on the right feel so little love themselves that they are unable to empathize with people who do.