Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The Trump 45 and Bush 43 presidential disasters are what happen when an administration is installed that eschews facts and dismisses science. Facts and science rule every time. Trump's so far short time in the White House has been comprised of a house of lies, an eschewing of intellect, an administration of cruelty and placing in positions of immense power crackpots who are not intellectually capable of handling the jobs for which they were assigned. It boils down to the fact said of Trump when he began his ridiculous run for the presidency: Trump is UNFIT and WHOLLY UNQUALIFIED for this office. Each scandal and appointment is reflective of that fact. He is a danger to our nation.

I can only imagine with fear and trepidation what not only our allies are thinking now that they know the Trump administration is in a state of chaos but what our adversaries are thinking. ISIS and those who support that tyrannical horror must be licking their chops. Instead of Trump making us safe, as he said that was the pivotal point of his election, he is placing us more at risk as the clock ticks closer to midnight and he has NO idea what to do.