Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s Campaign Paid Trump Companies More Than $1 Million In May The campaign funded Trump’s use of his jets and his Florida mansion, Mar-A-Lago.

If you watched Rachel Maddow tonight it is unfathomable what lying Trump is doing. He is using his campaign contributions as a cash cow for his many Trump enterprises. In other words if you donate to Trump he will use that money as a campaign expense paying HIMSELF the bucks he needs to say fly the Trump jet or use the Trump Mar a Lago estate and on and on.  Needless to say there will be an upheaval in Cleveland the size of a volcano if delegates switch their vote due to conscientious objection which many may use now as the rules committee will be making it possisble. Stay tuned. Better still go to Rachel and see tonight's show. Your jaw will drop! READ THE LINK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I MEAN!
One blogger in response to the article below summed it up so well: 

"Rick Douglas · Harvard University said:
Life is a shell game with him. It doesn't matter who the mark is, but in this case it's the American electorate. I'm old enough to have a very long view, but am not a Beltway insider, so consider me a learned schmo who finds Trump as enigmatic as they come. You want theories? I have heard them all. He's in it to win it. He's not serious about becoming POTUS. He's angling to start a cable network and needs the bona fides. Yada, yada, yada. While Donald Trump is the least qualified person to make a run for the White House in modern times, maybe ever, he's a masterful schemer. It's how he has survived all these years. He robs from the poor and keeps the cash. He stiffs the people whom he hires to build his grandiose casinos and hotels. And when they demand payment, he cries foul and sues, or offers them pennies on the dollar. He relishes the chase and the kill and little else. He has neither the intellect nor the temperament to digest policy papers, let alone the art of statecraft, has never learned to listen, and trusts no one except his own adult children. Even Sarah Palin was a governor for a time. Imagine being a poor second to "Mrs. I can see Russia from my house." It's not that the Emperor has no clothes. It's that his pants are on fire."

Another: "just wait when Trump does not win the WH he will be SUING the Republican party to make sure that All his properties get their monies ,,,,"

And another:  "So far the mark has been GOP primary voters. Trump keeps telling his minions that he's self funded. Little did they know he meant he's self funding his other companies with their donations.

Read the link here.  You won't believe it or maybe you will.  Color me, as one blogger said, NOT SURPRISED":


The Garden

The Forward, a liberal Jewish newspaper of American historical renown, wrote a story entitled "The Forward Won't Publish Anything About Donald Trump for 24 Hours" (link below). Quoting from it:

"Many of these threats [from hate groups] draw on connections with Trump’s presidential campaign, using Trump’s image and targeting his critics, including several of our regular writers. Even if you don’t believe that the presumed Republican standard bearer has stoked this cyber-hate (which is a generous assumption), you have to admit that he appears to have done nothing to minimize or condemn it."

 I quoted "The Forward" above because I believe it to be true. Trump will not come out and pointedly utter anti-Semitic virulence BUT he also will not, with all deliberate speed, come out and forcefully condemn haters who vociferously support him. Those who love Donald Trump are among the politically most noxious -- the KKK, David Duke and the Nationalist Alliance -- an American neo-Nazi hate group an adherent of which shot and killed the newly minted liberal British Labour Party Parliament member and young humanitarian activist opposed to BREXIT, Jo Cox. Donald will NOT pointedly and immediately reject these right wing extremist groups because he is their Nirvana. They strongly support him. This part of the Republican Party fringe was formerly rejected by that Party but now are in its mainstream. Hate groups are among the Republican base. Nary a negative word is said against them by Trump and if pressed he tepidly rejects them lying, of course, that he does not know them. He knows them alright and there is film footage proof of it.

Where there is hatred of Muslims, hatred of immigrants, women or mocking of the disabled one can be 100% assured if one wades through that muck deep enough one will find virulent anti Jewish sentiment as well. "The Forward" is quite right not to publish anything for a day on Trump to illuminate the fact that this beast, emerging from the depths of the sea, will give Nazi groups and others like them a safe place to be because Trump is an amoral Machiavellian pragmatist. If these despicable groups support Trump he will embrace them. Trump has NO principles but those labeled Trump. He cares about no one but himself no matter the hurt to those whom he thinks are weak and whom he has attacked because the thin-skinned small-handed Trump sees a way to the White House by kicking minorities and hugging haters.

Trump is a shameless bully and bigot. Where his policy is singling out Muslims to profile and mosques to monitor, 11 million immigrants to round up, the disabled to mock and women's medical choices to suppress there is in this poisonous soup antisemitism as well. The poignant truth is in this nation Muslims, Jews, immigrants, women, LGBT, and the disabled need to lock arms because we are, ALL of us, in this together. Trump is an equal opportunity employer who will sow the seeds of enmity against us all to grow an ugly garden of bigotry and hate.