Monday, September 06, 2010

The Train: I posted on the MDN blog my response to a couple whose 16 year old grandson had died. They shared in their letter their memories of him by using a metaphor of the train they were riding through North Station. I post THEIR letter to the Metro West Daily News below and share my own thoughts about it.

This is one of the BEST letters I have read on MDN! Mr. and Mrs. Cerrati, your letter is profound. I think about what you have written often in my own mind and have used the train analogy as well to describe our journey through this life and the darkness visited upon all of us at one time or another.

It is those very thoughts which make me see the unnecessary futility of conflict in the world and between ourselves. I suspect many think their existence immortal and their journey on this planet forever as often our minds reject the reality of what lies ahead for everyone. We find out quickly through the cold blast of winter's death of our family and friends taken from us, often randomly, and some too soon that even our own demise is a certainly so why not all simply TRY to get along? How much easier it would be as the harshness of life visits its own cruelty upon us at will. I believe, we need each others' soft and reassuring embrace to get through the good times and the certainty of the bad.

I hope the memories of your grandson continue to sustain you and fill your mind with the joys of his life. My heart is with you.