Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ISIS Destroys Al Nuri Mosque, Another Loss for Mosul [Iraq]


How amazing it is to hear the American military and/or ISIS assigning blame for just one more symbol of concrete blasted into oblivion. Would any US assign blame to the forces of 2003 who began a war in Iraq based on lies? Think about it. With no US invasion and "shock and awe" bombing there would have been no Iraq War based on lies, no Al Qaeda in Iraq or the Arabian Peninsula, no civil war in Iraq, and surely no ISIS there or anywhere for that matter.

In truth the responsibility for the mammoth violence that has descended on that part of the world from Syria, Egypt, and Libya to the Sudan and Mohamed Bouazizi the Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire on 17 December 2010 prompting the massive revolutions all over the Middle East -- one state following another falling like a game of dominoes.

Sadly the fault of ALL of this carnage, I believe, can be traced to the obliteration of Iraq by US forces convincing yet again a gullible American public that Sadam Hussein had WMD when he had none and even that he may have been responsible for 9/11 when he was not. People get angry when one bombs them for nothing. The fault, as Shakespeare said in "Julius Caesar," is not in the stars but in ourselves!