Saturday, July 25, 2015

Get it Right

One day the NTY reports a possible criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails and then the next day says, oh well, it's not a criminal investigation of emails and it may not be about Clinton. The story about Secretary Clinton's emails, as was true in the Judith Miller's untrue stories about Iraq, is false. Again, the NYT disappoints our nation by getting important stories wrong. Sometimes, as in the Miller story it costs hundreds of thousands of lives and a Middle East quagmire from which this nation still cannot extricate itself.

The stories in the NYT that are in error are not small town newspaper stories that are unimportant in the larger context. They are stories that are hugely important not only to the nation but to the world.

The latest faux pas egg all over the NYT's face is the anything-for-a-buck story trying to impugn the reputation of hopefully the next president and first woman president of the United States. The Times cannot nor should not throw a poison dart at an important national figure without the proper sourcing of its story. Hillary Clinton has experienced more than once Republican attempts to destroy her. She is well seasoned to refute those scurrilous attacks.

Does one think for one millisecond this seasoned politician and brilliant woman who knew she might one day seek the presidency would be so naive as to do anything nefarious that could besmirch her efforts?

We know many things reported by various news media in this nation are written with one hand shaking the corporatist hand while penning stories with the other. To impugn the possible future president Hillary Clinton with yet another false story about making headlines to sell papers should be beneath this allegedly prestigious news source.

I urge the NYT to research well its stories before it prints anything, get it right or do not print it at all.