Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stunningly Losing our Collective Minds -- Nate Silver NYT statistician

Today's post of the NYT electoral statistician is here or below. A blog to the Times.

Yes, I am an unabashed Obama supporter. It is staggering to me that ONE only ONE debate in which the president's opponent was caught lying not once but NUMEROUS times could have that big an impact as to change totally the trajectory of the race. Mr. Obama was NOT mute in the first debate but he simply was certainly more thoughtful while he was peppered with opinions and reversal of opinions so many times. Never has one presidential debate where the challenger lies constantly or even one who does not ever produced this kind of dramatic change.

For those of us who are merely cogs in a wheel, who are not involved in the day to day power machine, I am HUGELY skeptical not of Nate Silver's analysis but am continually now thinking that the fix for Mr. Romney is in by those whose money soaked contributions eclipses anything we the 99% could imagine! It is hard so very hard to believe the candidate Mr. Romney so weak on SO many issues and such a phony charlatan is now coming close to overtaking the president who is superior to him beyond words and ahead by miles just two weeks ago. A Romney presidency complete with an overturn of Roe v. Wade, contraception bans, control by the state of women's health care and sexuality, and complete Wall Street deregulation not to mention the eradication of Social Security and Medicare will take us backwards to a 19th century nation probably killing thousands. Have we lost our collective minds while religion becomes enmeshed with the state that must have our Founders rolling around in their respective graves?

One wonders if the NYT will even print this. Passionately questioning everything does not always rise to the level of mainstream media acceptance. It's too bad because this nation needs a severe questioning of its money soaked stunning political realities. Stunning indeed!