Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The shooting of Majority Whip Scalise -- Who bears responsibility?

Violence never works to effectuate the causes one desires and who use it as a desperate weapon to mirror their anger to the world to get what they want. The man who shot Majority Whip Scalise, in my opinion, does not only a disservice to the Sanders's cause in which he allegedly believed but also to those of us who are unabashedly liberal and progressive Democrats who hold similar views but who would never compromise our righteous beliefs by committing violence that which would engender righteous criticism from those whom we consider opponents of policy that would assist the powerless and the poor.

We should all condemn the shooter's actions and also make crystal clear the extreme violent nature of the extremist right. I believe and one can see by viewing tapes of Trump's campaign how his words and, indeed, his actions served to engender so much fury of those who see violence as the only option that would show strongly they are against Trump's policy and leadership. Trump has been so malevolent, so mendacious, so unethical and so noxious that Trump, above anyone else, should look to himself for the violent tone set by him and his administration. It is that which would compel a person to violence against it as the only option for those who are among the desperate.

Trump made a home for the extremist right some of whom are anti-Semites, anti persons of color, anti women and who promote a nativist pro white agenda for people who have had all the rights to begin with. Again, I say to Trump do not criticize the speck in someone else's eye when you have a log in your own. Trump, as much as anyone else, needs to see the trouble is not, as Shakespeare said, in the stars but in himself!