Sunday, May 23, 2010

As Rachel Maddow is one the GREATEST news commentators on television today, Frank Rich is one of the GREATEST writers and editorialists of all time. In his editorial "Randslide" (Link below) in the Sunday Times the last sentence is one of brilliance. He says:

"If the Democrats can’t muster their own compelling response to the populist rage out there, “Randslide” may reside in our political vocabulary long after “Arlen Specter” is leaving “Jeopardy” contestants stumped."

I have said it often -- Mr. President and Rahm Emanuel: You CANNOT take your base for granted. You MUST give us something to cheer about. So far, I am less than thrilled. No, it's not in my best interest to sit the 2012 election out but, significantly for me, I just may do so for the first time in my life.

I am sad and disgruntled at the Obama leadership or lack of it. Get your act together, Mr. President, fire those who drag you down, do NOT run to the middle and give your base to the left something to sing about or in fact, like Jimmy Carter before you, you will be a ONE term president indeed!