Friday, July 28, 2017

OMG -- Thank you!

Thank you god, thank you. I keep saying that. I could not look at the computer so my partner did for me and told me the unbelievable news as I awakened to think the worst. Obamacare LIVES, we live. That evil man is going down. Ultimately the White House is in shambles....Mueller is going to get that piece of tripe..... I am so happy my hands are shaking. I just keep walking around thanking god and I am an agnostic.....OMG I cannot tell you how happy I am! I called ALL three senators yesterday pleading -- even talking about my preexisting polio condition making it personal. I emailed McCain at one point. People in DC must be going nuts they were there outside chanting and demonstrating.....forgive the stream of thought. I am just too happy and can't think yet of a well put together opinion. This nation is a republic and Mr. Franklin YES, it will stay (I HOPE) a republic.

We HOPE they do not bring another...but I'm rejoicing now. Our nation lives. Thank you President Obama for all you did for your 8 years. He worked SO hard on Obmacare to help millions and ultimately it will be improved like Social Security was in the FDR era. In Yiddish it's called a MENCH ... Obama is a GOOD human being and so are the three Republican senators Murkowski, Collins and McCain!!!!!! I called all three. Went to Maine on vacation last week and went up to people to contact Senator Collins. One said she already had done that. Thank you John McCain...he leaves the hero he is despite the evil Trump insulting him in the worst way possible but the insult did NOT stick and does not now.

Scaramucci, the "Communications" yet to be secretary was VILE...his language was insulting, rude, crude and filthy besmirching the office. A child could not be allowed to hear that excuse for a person utter his horrible profanities from the White House. What a that beast Trump has I hope has NOT done irreparable damage to this nation but we will fix it.

Thank you to my Murder's Row of commentators Rachel Maddow (who is getting the top ratings and will continue she is SO bright.) Thank you Chris Hayes another brilliant man. Thank you to Larry O'Donnell an astute political expert of mammoth proportions and thank you to the rest of the MSNBC saviors of sanity through stupendous intellect and rational thought. I am in love with those who broadcast on MSNBC -- yes even the conservatives like Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt.

Let's hope they do not bring another beast of a healthcare bill back. I THINK this is the end but who knows with those who care about Party first and country last.

Thank you in the most important way to the people who came out in droves, came out sick, came out in wheelchairs occupying Republican offices. They risked arrest and some in wheelchairs were arrested. Thank you big time to them and to all those who fought for what is good and right in this nation.

Yes, Mr. Franklin, we have a Republic still!!