Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lie's the Thing

Republicans lie ALL the time. That is ALL they are able to run on is LIES. The truth would never get them elected so it's not -- as Hamlet might say -- the play that is the thing but rather the lie's the thing!! Do NOT believe a word Republicans say as NONE of it is true.

The Medicare cuts of so called Obamacare aka the "Affordable Care Act" Republicans try to fraudulently say are NOT -- let me repeat that NOT against the recipients of Medicare like you and me BUT they are cuts made to waste, fraud, and abuse of the dispensers of health care.  The 718 billion buck cuts are delivered against the insurance companies and providers of health care that rape YOU and me the consumer of health care. That is how the industries have made their money but NOT ANY MORE. 

The hide WILL come out of their skin, the skin that Republicans, Romney and Ryan represent, but the skin that the president wants to save is YOURS. The life you save may, indeed, be your own! 

Why it is important to re-elect the president and in Mass. Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate.