Friday, December 02, 2016

Donald Trump Speaks To Taiwan’s President, Reversing Decades Of U.S. Policy--HUGE BLUNDER!

This is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE foreign policy blunder and he is not even sworn in yet! The Department of State must be having heart attacks.

This chutzpah has not happened in 37 years. The US treads CAREFULLY where Taiwan is concerned so as not to vex the BIGGEST nuclear power beside the US, China. China does not even admit Taiwan exists. See link below.
It is possible this lummox is SO stupid and SO unqualified that he got someone like John Bolton to suggest he call Taiwan without him knowing this was SICKENINGLY awful -- lead to nuclear war type awful.

This is the idiot you bought, America, the world's GREATEST CON just like Romney said except now Romney got conned. Romney got played and will never be secretary of state! What a joke except the joke is on us!

Anyone know where can I get a good bomb shelter?


Quoting the president of Covenant House:  "What we've learned during out 45 years of caring for homeless kids is that nearly 40% of these young people identify as LGBTQ. That's because "coming out" often means getting kicked out." - Kevin Ryan, President of Covenant House
Covenant House is a nonprofit charity serving homeless youth with a network of shelters across the Americas.
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My Comment:

Parents who kick their own child out for something that is biologically predetermined possibly hormonal in the first few weeks of pregnancy is just plain ugly. I have to believe it is out of parental ignorance and religious dogma not out of intrinsic evil of the parents who do that.

I am Jewish. I turned my back on it and religion in general after thinking, in part, about the devastating passages in Leviticus from the Old Testament which my own people crafted 5000 years ago. It haunts, devastates and crushes LGBT youth even to this day. Fundamentalists have chosen the OT over the NT to justify their hate of LGBT people even if it is their own children and even though Jesus, whom they call god's son, said absolutely nothing about homosexuality. This Levitical OT Biblical passage and code has ruined lives, caused suicides and even murders. I was just plain angry.

Judaism, however, and some sects of Protestant (Unitarian, Congregationalist and others) change as the culture changes and advancements in science show in this case a biological link to one's sexual orientation perhaps even a genetic chromosomal link at conception.

It is sad that these passages in Leviticus have caused so much pain to LGBT youth but the progressive change in some religious sects such as Reform and even some Conservative Judaism is testament to man's ability to adapt as science and LGBT's own youth clarifies that they felt homosexual for as long as their memory clarifies it.

I would say it gets better BUT then there is Trump who marries his campaign to the Bible, which I suspect he does not read nor believe, appealing to Fundamentalists to get their votes. Trump has encouraged regressive hate yet again as hate crimes against gays and other minorities are, of course, up.

We must resist, we must persevere and work hard to electorally overthrow a mean, cruel and regressive Republican controlled Congress led by its mean, cruel, and regressive president who not only had three marriages (something Jesus would not have sanctioned) but has been unfaithful to all those to whom he was married! Can you spell hypocrite? My motto: onward!