Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Plague of American Authoritarianism

FABULOUS article by Henry Giroux and worth the time it takes to read it -- two pages with two more of footnotes. I read just the two pages of the opinion. It says it all!

My Blog Answer to Savannah on Trump

"Savannah Zimmerman, a 27-year-old registered nurse from Mobile,.. "I think he appeals to us Southerners because he tells it like it is and he has strong opinions. That is the way we are here in the South," she said"

Please, like nowhere in the country people do not have strong opinions. Sorry, Southern Savannah, that is just NOT the case. I'm in a NE state and I have STRONG very STRONG opinions--liberal progressive. You are praised for having strong opinions but just what are those opinions? If they are dump 11 million human beings and transport them then that sounds Nazi-like to me and I hate to use Nazi comparisons but in this case it's true. What could possibly go wrong with rounding up 11 million pieces of humanity and placing them where on trains? What like the Jews (I'm Jewish) just go along peacefully to a probable death? Just how is he going to do that with no opposition? How is he going to feed them, how is he going to provide sanitary facilities while doing that? He may be leading in the Republican polls but he has a VERY high unfavorable percentage as he should.

Why? Because he's mean, and a hypocrite. Undocumented workers are working at his hotels. Does he care? Not really because he never asked and they are a source of cheap labor. Worse if one replaces undocumented workers one must put another documented worker in his/her place for HOW MUCH MORE MONEY? There was a reason W. Bush did nothing on this issue because those owners who grow say tobacco would have to pay double to tend the fields and that means DOUBLE or triple in the marketplace.

Nothing wrong with being passionate but something VERY VERY VERY wrong not thinking issues through. Take slavery for instance. Do you think one of the slave holders had any foresight that some slave somewhere when society advances will revolt? The Civil War had passionate feeling everywhere and it got 600,000 people killed. THINK, Savannah, THINK and use what nature gave you -- a BIG brain for survival and that includes persons of color too. They are not stupid but you, however, I wonder. Trump is ugly in appearance and ugly in his heart!