Monday, November 07, 2016


If the presidential election result is as I think it will be Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected the 45th and first woman president of the United States making history.

If that is so my comment is brief and that is thank you, thank you and thank you again to our Hispanic, African American and the community of women for pulling this nation and, indeed, the world, from the precipice of Trumpian destruction. You who have suffered the arrows of so much hurt for so long a period of time are ironically the groups who will lead us again from the dark of night into the joy of light in the morning.

I stand with you -- the poor, the rejected, the downtrodden and the dispossessed because I am human and can empathize with those whose fate did not align with the stars of luck. As my hero Franklin D. Roosevelt said:
"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."
May your fate, Secretary Clinton, align with the stars of luck tomorrow so we can call you President Elect Hillary R. Clinton!

An Empty Room

Trump is a petulant child who in his youth needed not to be sent away to a cold military school but to have a father who cared more about loving his son then creating a money machine imparting values that valued over zealous discipline instead of love.

He was asked by someone yesterday what would make him happy and he said going around the country speaking in front of groups who love him. Sorry, Donald, that is not love. The love of an amorphous group of persons with whom you have no relationship is no match for the love a father that is so important especially to a male. 

Though I am not a Christian I love many New Testament preaching like "What profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul." Donald, you are a mean, cruel seemingly pathological narcissist who cares about no one but himself. You have no soul. You are surrounded by many people but you live in an empty room. Maybe there is a God who has spared this nation your terrible onslaught!

Tapping My Foot

I'm waiting for Republicons to pull another dirty trick out of their slimy hat with one day to go before the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the presidency. I have no doubt they will think of something.

Every investigation of the Clintons by Republicans has failed every single time except it has not failed to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer bucks by a Party that says it cares about frivolous government spending so much.

My vitriol against them goes against my natural grain. I do not like to fight, I do not like to get into hostile verbal exchanges but I believe if progressives do not, then a rancid universe of anti-science Republican policies benefiting the mega rich while spitting in the face of the poor, the sick, the minority, and the downtrodden's civil rights will ensue. If Republicans gain power their true allies, the very wealthiest 1%, will reap the benefits from their corrupt alliance with them.

I am not, I hope, by nature a mean person but they, I believe, force me to be something that I am not -- a vitriolic loather of right wingnut religious anti-science extremism into which the Republican Party has morphed. We must stop them every time they try to gain power or as sure as is the truth of Darwinian natural selection we will perish.

They have only themselves to blame for this Trumpian fiasco excuse for a campaign that has been created by using their own cannon to blast their Party into bits. Still, I am tapping my foot waiting for yet another waste of taxpayer money by them to advance their cause and make the wealthiest 1% even richer then they already are.

As I have said and printed in my local paper--Email investigation OVER!!!!! :)

Hillary's email frenzy was the biggest abridgement of civil liberties since the infamous J. Edgar Hoover's pathetic career of secret phone taps and bugs on figures like MLK, JFK, RFK other Democrats and progressives. 

It continues to be "conservatives" who decimate the Constitutional requirement to safeguard a human being from government overreach. This was much ado about nothing and indeed Republican Comey's motives certainly were suspect. The Trump/Pence sign on his upscale home are just more evidence that this man of high level FBI stature was significantly biased and should be pursued under the Hatch Act. Let him feel what it means not to have one's rights protected. Mr. Comey, say hello to Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton the next President of the United States to make history again.

I'm thrilled the Abadin emails were much ado about nothing. I am for now a very happy person and when the electoral college finally certifies her presidency I will be delirious with joy!

Baruch Hashem -- Translation -- Please God!