Monday, November 07, 2016

As I have said and printed in my local paper--Email investigation OVER!!!!! :)

Hillary's email frenzy was the biggest abridgement of civil liberties since the infamous J. Edgar Hoover's pathetic career of secret phone taps and bugs on figures like MLK, JFK, RFK other Democrats and progressives. 

It continues to be "conservatives" who decimate the Constitutional requirement to safeguard a human being from government overreach. This was much ado about nothing and indeed Republican Comey's motives certainly were suspect. The Trump/Pence sign on his upscale home are just more evidence that this man of high level FBI stature was significantly biased and should be pursued under the Hatch Act. Let him feel what it means not to have one's rights protected. Mr. Comey, say hello to Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton the next President of the United States to make history again.

I'm thrilled the Abadin emails were much ado about nothing. I am for now a very happy person and when the electoral college finally certifies her presidency I will be delirious with joy!

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