Friday, June 15, 2012

A Nation of Immigrants

I am very happy with the president's prosecutorial change easing the grip of arrest, indictment and deportation of thousands of innocent children born to undocumented workers. They often know no other life but life in these United States bestowed upon them by their parents. This is why progressives and others of like-minded humanitarian belief MUST support the president.

His move was a FABULOUS move from a political perspective securing the Latino vote now even more solidly than before. In reality, though, to me, it does not matter whether this is a shrewd political calculation or if its motivation is as pure as the driven snow. That is not important. What matters is the freedom that this gives to children of an oppressed minority most of whom love this country, want to work, be educated, make a living and be left alone to thrive within it. Now their children can, albeit in two year increments, attempt to do that. What is important is the removal of the state placing a tyrannical yoke around the neck of those who wish this country no harm, indeed, conversely want to contribute to the success and defense of this nation. This still is not a passage of the so called Dream Act which I hope, if electoral reversal of an obstructionist Congress can be achieved, will ultimately occur.

We in this country, a country of immigrants, always have moved toward a wider expansion of human rights, an inclusion of a more diverse people and not in reverse away from that in transit to a previous century. We can and we will never go back. We will always move forward and rejoice in a coming change in the demographic hard wire of this country. It WILL be, ultimately a new day and the opposition Republican Party of white knows it. This president shows time and time again he is the superior candidate to the chilled, stiff and uncomfortable-in-his-own-skin Romney.

IF the president enjoyed a Congress with whom he could work, which was not obstructionist cheering as they do in near treasonous fashion for the country to fail, then this president could and would catapult our nation to a positive new day. Let us for him and for us return the House to a deep blue again, keep the Senate and surely keep the White House which we will so constructive humanitarian change can occur.

I believe this is a WONDERFUL day. I applaud the president and now on to November and let’s win then!


No time to compose a glowing opinion.  Suffice it to say: This white Jewish woman is SOOOO happy!   THIS is why progressives MUST support the president!!!!!  YEEEHA :-D  He will be having a press conference to explain.  Unless I get this wrong this is a FABULOUS thing.  spread the word to ALL Hispanics.  This is a WONDERFUL day unless the Republicans screw it up!

"US to stop deporting and grant work permits to younger illegal immigrants"

Here is the story or

ONWARD to re-elect the president!!!  AND those whom you know in Mass tell them to come out to support Elizabeth Warren (her Republican opponent would NEVER support this but SHE WILL!)