Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Romney Has Some Splainin to Do

First a caveat:  On the issue of abortion, I am pro choice.  The issue is not even relevant to me directly BUT it is of maximum importance that women remain 100% free to make decisions about their own bodies free from the interference of big government; the same big scary government, I might add, the rightwingnuts say they loathe.  Obviously, they think government interference telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies is simply divine.  

Mitt Romney running on and embedded in a Republican Party that is firmly anti-choice so much so one could never hold a position with that Party if they hold a pro choice policy position.  It is one of their many tyrannical litmus tests for admission and is the magnetic force which attracts those who step on their own economic toes to sign up Republican even though that Party has nothing to offer them.

When candidates for office, especially the highest office of the presidency claims to be anti abortion and then attaches himself to a company that disposes of aborted fetal waste to make MILLIONS from that company it is the duty of the opposition to call his hypocrisy out.

I attach the following quote from Mother Jones Magazine a source of credibility.  One would think, as the Cuban accented Ricky Ricardo of "I Love Lucy" fame would say, "He's got some splainin to do!"  I quote:

Earlier this year, Mitt Romney nearly landed in a politically perilous controversy when the Huffington Post reported that in 1999 the GOP presidential candidate had been part of an investment group that invested $75 million in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that has been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics. Coming during the heat of the GOP primaries, as Romney tried to sell South Carolina Republicans on his pro-life bona fides, the revelation had the potential to damage the candidate's reputation among values voters already suspicious of his shifting position on abortion.

But Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney founded, tamped down the controversy. The company said Romney left the firm in February 1999 to run the troubled 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and likely had nothing to with the deal. The matter never became a campaign issue. But documents filed by Bain and Stericycle with the Securities and Exchange Commission—and obtained by Mother Jones—list Romney as an active participant in the investment. And this deal helped Stericycle, a company with a poor safety record, grow, while yielding tens of millions of dollars in profits for Romney and his partners. The documents—one of which was signed by Romney—also contradict the official account of Romney's exit from Bain.

Yes, Mr. Romney please SPLAIN we would all love to hear what you have to say.  Splainin is a rare commodity Romneyland where lies, skirting the truth, and contradiction rule the day!