Friday, March 17, 2017

Tillerson Talks: The U.S. secretary of state said a freeze of North Korea's nuclear program was not enough and warned of pre-emptive action

This story entitled above appeared in the NYT today (linked below.) Finally, Rex Tillerson talked. What he said, though, surely is not comforting. He ruled out negotiations with the N. Koreans or even China, N. Korea's only ally, to prod North Korea into freezing its nuclear program. N. Korea has tested numbers of missiles recently.

Does he truly think N. Korea is going to stop testing their weapons because of bellicose threats of pre-emptive war from the US? I doubt it.

The recent budget put forth by our non-presidential president has a sharp increase in military spending and nuclear weapons enhancement at the expense of humanitarian programs and wise State Department negotiation policy. It even has proposed cutting the State Department budget 28%. How will that stop N. Korea, not known for a rational thought dictator, from testing more weapons with nuclear capacity? It won't. What it may do is ensure N. Korea develop more quickly a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the US.

China, Japan and other eastern countries that have an existential interest just may be a smidgen worried. I am and all of us should be. This administration with its preemptive war talk threats just may get us all killed.

RESIST and do it now!