Monday, March 31, 2008

J'accuse: Jeff Jacoby's article in the Sunday, March 30 Globe, brought into focus an important historical event which could otherwise get lost in the sands of historical time. The Dreyfuss case, illuminating entrenched anti-Semitism in 19th century France, is important not only to the history of the Jewish people but to all history where men are made into scapegoats and events are politicized so that justice invariably takes a back seat. The cost of that miscarriage of justice was profound. It was a mirror into just how deep the roots of anti-Semitism were in a Europe which ultimately gave birth to the greatest catastrophe for the Jewish people, the Holocaust.

We need go no further, too, than in our own country to see the political wreckage that has occurred at the hands of an utterly corrupt and unconscionable administration. We now possess our own Devil's Island, Guantanamo, and within our own Department of Justice, justice is a most elusive commodity. The innocent are jailed, so many guilty go free and the drum beat to maintain policies based on lies goes on and on and on to the peril of us all.