Monday, December 30, 2013

Darrell Isa and the Republicons – Faux Outrage on the Right

I enclose here or below the NYT investigatory report entitled: 

"New York Times Benghazi Investigation Confirms Paper's Early Reporting On Video's Role" 

The article confirms the original statement on a TV news show by the administration's UN representative, Susan Rice, for which she was pilloried by Republicans. She said that the video released by a right wingnut Christian religious fanatic against the Muslim's holy Prophet was the rationale behind the embassy explosion.

Like everything, all House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Isa and the Republicons can do is express faux outrage milking anything they can to indict and even impeach the president. Isa has WASTED MILLIONS on fake investigations that turn up NOTHING. From Fast and Furious, to the IRS NON scandal scandal to the Benghazi bombing they can find not a SHRED of evidence to even hint of executive culpability. Why? There is NONE.

Did Isa and the Republicans kvetch when Bush led the nation into a phony war killing thousands of Iraqis and Americans in the now even more explosive Middle East? Answer: OF COURSE NOT. But if it is against this president he will not hesitate to "investigate" even IF it is over nothing and abig time waste of tax payer money about which the Republicons are allegedly so concerned.

An FYI: Russia just suffered TWO successive suicide bombings killing two dozen. Point: It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to protect against every fanatical suicide bomber who thinks that God is on his/her side. Free speech prevails in this nation even for a murderous Christian right wing religious fanatic who, too, thinks God is on HIS side and knows the violent response his blasphemy-to-Muslims film will provoke.

Ambassador Stephen's death was a tragedy no doubt but he knew it was a most dangerous position in which he placed himself. Give the president a break. He understands exactly what he is doing unlike most other Republicon presidents and Vice-Presidents who drag this nation into phony wars costing trillions!