Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cruise Control: I cannot wait to read Andrew Morton's new book entitled Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography. As much as I am against tabloid and celebrity journalism, the fact that Tom Cruise is an advocate for a religious cult like organization which rakes in millions of bucks by duping millions of people, I welcome any opposition questioning those beliefs. Scientology, like many other belief systems, is an organization which takes political stances and influences many unsuspecting and uncritical people looking desperately to improve their lives at any cost.

Anyone who takes on religion and cults by advocating rational thought, I ardently support. I believe the ultimate danger in our world today comes more from fanatical belief systems of all stripes than from any other single factor. I would gladly contribute to the selling of a book which confronts those who would capture people's wallets by capturing their unquestioning and unsuspecting minds.