Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ellsberg's Folly

The Huff Post headline reads “ELLSBERG WARNS: 'BEGINNINGS OF POLICE STATE'” link here or below.

Although my left of center friends and I agree on most issues, we do not agree on the NSA spying one. I thank Daniel Ellsberg for the warning but Mr. Ellsberg I believe is dead wrong now — emphasis on dead. Daniel Ellsberg may think risking his life and many other lives by vomiting US state secrets for his principals is worth it but I do not. 

I, post 9/11, do not want US classified documents released to the world for other nations to do what? Find out all kinds of classified information that could lead to my family, my friends or me doused by chemical, biological or, worst of all, radiological weaponry spread in a nanosecond by religious and political fanatics if they get their hands on any of it. I am sorry Mr. Ellsberg thinks this country is in the beginnings of a police state but I do not. I STILL feel free.

Larry O'Donnell had a wonderful segment last evening about a brave man who was to speak about Private Manning on RT TV which is Russian TV based in Washington. Instead he diatribed AGAINST Russia’s policy toward gays. RT TV was sucker punched and of course terminated the interview. You can view this segment online at “The Last Word” or tonight Larry will have on the man who dawned rainbow suspenders on the broadcast before the Russian-employed interviewers knew what was happening.

RT TV interviews mainly those who hold anti-American sentiment and features left of center commentary like Thom Hartmann and others who have gone on RT TV to regurgitate always anti-American opinion. Of course there is nothing wrong with that because there is plenty to wax critical concerning US policy but RT-TV is a political arm of the Russian government which would not let any of them speak against Russian policy. We know what a bastion of democracy Russia is – NOT. 

Some on the left absolutely REFUSE to see or to criticize what a REAL totalitarian police state looks like in countries such as Russia, Syria, Iran and other Middle Eastern fascist or religious fascist states. So far Thom Hartmann still talks, so far Ellsberg is not in jail, so far there is a plethora of US critical opinion and no one gets a 3:00 a.m. knock on the door, is jailed or does not live to tell their tale. All those critical of US policy live to broadcast another day. Yes, some like Greenwald's partner as a warning shot by the Brits (and maybe the US) gets detained too long but then released. This, I suspect backfired. They are both alive and well and I am sure seeking revenge.

Be an equal opportunity employer, Mr. Ellsberg, THEN and only then will those critical of US policy have credence. See how well Glenn Greenwald, Snowden, Assange or those who spill US state secrets would fare if they lived in Russia, Iran and other true police states. If they could get a state job in those countries and release the same type of information in those states how long do you think they would live? Answer: Not long. 

If God forbid one day these so called journalists wake up to a holocaust in the US because someone released a dirty bomb or worse then maybe they will appreciate what was, over centuries, built, however imperfect, in this land and may feel just a wee bit bad that they helped in pertinent part to tear it down!