Wednesday, August 08, 2012


You have probably heard that the Republicans are going ballistic EVEN the rancid Limbaugh thought he would have a stroke. When commenting on the political ad of the president that shows a man who was ruined by Bain, lost his job and health care. His wife became ill, did not have healthcare and ultimately died because of it. Bain essentially took the man's company, loaded it with debt and bankrupted it.

Fast forward to several hours ago. When Romney's campaign worker was asked about the ad and the worker losing his wife because Romney sank the company ultimately getting rid of health care and thereby essentially killing his wife. She blew it BIG time. She said well, if that worker lived in Massachusetts she would have HAD healthcare. Really really? WOW you have got to be kidding. Romney's campaign said that??? So I guess Romenycare aka Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act is a good thing! NOT exactly the message Romney wanted to convey.

Bring Romneybot on. He suffers from a bad case of foot in mouth disease. Wonder if there is a health care plan to treat it!

LOL. This was a GOOD day!

Yet another reason we MUST re-elect the president and Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate!!

ONE MORE THING Re: Hiroshima

There are always other sides to an issue.

I have read accounts that said Hiroshima and Nagasaki WERE of military and strategic significance in that it is where Japan warships and weaponry were made. I have also read that even after Hiroshima Japan would not surrender and that it took Nagaski and the order of the Emperor to finally prevail. I do not know the truth of this.

We KNOW history is told by the winners. Just why did Japan do something so ill conceived as the bombing of Pearl Harbor? I have read accounts that said Japan wanted to stop the US in its tracks from stopping their ultimate goal which was riveted on China. While US attentions were fixed on Hitler's Europe they thought a sneak attack would work.

Where is the truth? I do not know. I only know when I view the picture of the child with her facial skin burned off from radiation of an exploded nuclear device it makes me sad and in truth it makes me want to throw up! Can one IMAGINE how it made these innocents feel?

There is truth too, though, let no man or country mistake, the US is seething with violence and will not rest until an attack on it is met with utter brute force on a perpetrator. The US is huge and it's power is devastating. There is NOTHING the US will not do to protect itself and there is nearly nothing it will not do to retain power and economic dominance even if that economic power is among only the 1%

It is a dangerous world and the US is NOT the only dangerous country in it. It simply happens for now to possess the most devastating and destructive weaponry on planet earth. So far I would rather be here than anywhere else BUT others are climbing that weapons ladder of "success" quickly. Something must be done to save our planet and us FAST or there will be nothing left to save.

The Rumor is it is Ryan for Romney VP -- The Ruination of the Middle Class

The Rumor is it will be Paul Ryan who will be Romney’s choice for vice-president. Paul Ryan's budget would be the final undoing of the middle class which has been decimated by Republican economic policies for decades. It has nearly ruined a nation and even the world. The truth of his budget will not THIS TIME be lost in a Republican web sown of easy listening. It is my opinion that this is the worst of the three Romney could choose for vice-president because, in no small part, Ryan is young and could over time reintroduce the most destructive policies that have been responsible for over 30 years of an economic sewer and the near ruination of the middle class. Yes, Clinton was mixed in with those polices but NOT the way Republicans were. Ryan/Romney are the embodiment of the destruction of the nation as we once knew it.

FDR put in place a role for government to help its people when needed. Social Security and then Medicare which followed two decades later did that. If you are retired and your 401K has been either obliterated or significantly reduced then YOU DEPEND on Social Security and Medicare. These are life saving programs and the Republicans, America, are coming for it. They want it ALL and want the market to rule it. What could possibly go wrong with putting YOUR ENTIRE FUTURE in the hands of Wall Street? These political foxes do not give one care about most of you! They care about the1%'s accumulation of wealth.

In the final analysis it really does not matter who the Republicans put up for VP. This Republican ticket is a ticket to suicide for the middle class and I suspect you will NOT be duped this time by the easily absorbed intoxicants of Republican mantras. The Republican Party has become the TRUE death panels whether in their aggressive war policies OR their 1% economic gifts to the 1% wealthiest in this nation and you should NEVER forget it.