Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Course Correction

What conservative journalist Peggy Noonan in her article "Time for an Intervention" in the Wall Street Journal here and  below suggests to ameliorate the sinking Romney candidacy through an "intervention" does not realize is that Mitt Romney IS the Republican brand. It is a brand that began with the Tea Bag Party and ends with Mitt Romney loosing because people need help, the economy needs help, and Wall Street needs regulation to within an inch of its life.  Therefore, government becomes NOT the problem but PART of the solution.  Republicans can simply never ever admit that FDR had it right by rethinking of the role of government to preserve a democratic nation's life.  

We have seen over and over and over again money flowing from the top down did not work.  It created over time great booms and great busts. Those at the top ultimately kept all the money and transferred it overseas or as Romney did evaded taxes altogether in the Cayman's or Swiss bank accounts. 

We've played the trickle down game for the past 40 years and lost our Wall Street Las Vegas casino shirts. THAT is what is wrong with Mitt Romney. He is an empty vessel into which anything the Republican billionaires want Mitt Romney the unprincipled empty suit to regurgitate he will because he wants the oval office that badly. 

The fault dear Brutus is not Mitt Romney it's the Republican Party.  It will NEVER EVER be able to right its rightwingnut extremist ship until it makes a course correction due left because center or slightly left of center is where most of the American public sits.  Moreover, as demographics change it will most probably increase slightly its left of center tilt.

The right wing extremist Republican Party will never change course so the Republican Party will be a corpse unless and until it realizes a course correction is a MUST!