Thursday, October 21, 2010

VOTE: Okay, I sound repetitive but it is because I KNOW how I feel when I hear the media's gloom and doom for Dems. I feel down and want to throw my hands up. Then I say to myself DON'T DON'T DON'T do that! DON'T fall into the trap of believing that which they want us to believe and to ramp up the pessimism to defeat our HUGE block of voters who voted for a president unlike any other in US history.

DESPITE some progressives who have been critical, sometimes I have even been one, our president KNOWS what he is doing and I believe DOES have the interests of those who are middle class and the powerless in our nation at heart. He will DO well for us if given a chance. GIVE HIM A CHANCE and by VOTING DEMOCRATIC you will do just that. Don't let him down, do NOT let us down and DON'T let the country down by putting it again in EVEN more vicious hands than those of the Bush era IF THAT IS POSSIBLE. It is. Those crazy tea baggers and Republicans are NOT about us. NEVER be duped for one minute that they are. They are NOT and are propped up by a few who have carloads of CASH to get them to win and save their BILLIONS.

Do NOT BE AFRAID of them and SHOW your power and VOTE for Democrats. Again and again tell ALL those you know and most especially those in OTHER STATES like Nevada to VOTE Democratic so they cast a vote for themselves. Sharon Angle and her mean racist ilk MUST be stopped. The HORROR of a Republican smashing victory is really too much for my brain to comprehend so I BEG YOU and others you know to SPREAD THE WORD and VOTE. VOTE DEMOCRATIC so our president can show what he can do! He has done a LOT even with an UNCOMPROMISING, intractable and anything-BUT- bipartisan Congress. He can and WILL do more IF he has a Congress interested in us with which to work.

Do not give up, do not falter and DO NOT FAIL. VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Our lives are literally at stake!