Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Signs of the Times: I went to Newton Four Corners to meet someone for lunch. As I approached Whole Foods on Beacon Street there were two or three men with signs and a table set up to "Stop Obama." Moreover, the sign had the usual racist insulting picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache. Evidently, they thought that would play well in that area. I have news for them it won't. As I traveled beyond that and coming to my destination a van was parked COVERED with so called conservative, anti Obama, anti gay, anti choice and pro Republican bumper stickers.

My point is these people from the hostile opposition are operating, it seems, specifically in Newton but I imagine they operate in more cities and towns than that. When I arrived at the luncheon place there were two men trying to convince us to vote for one of them, a Republican, running in the 4th Congressional District against Barney Frank. He even told me that the Republican party is the party of Lincoln and that Martin Luther King was a Republican. I have two witnesses if this sounds preposterous to you as it did to me. It would be funny IF it were not so serious. I had to walk away from the man rather than have my blood pressure soar!

Needless to say, they were NOT received warmly by me as you might imagine. ME vote against Barney Frank? I don't think so. It brought home the point how much we have to loose and how committed these people are to ultimately bringing down our president.

I am relating this in my effort, no matter how difficult, to GET THE VOTE OUT for Democrats EVERYWHERE in November. If you can help any Dem at risk in this state do so. If you can help a Democrat at risk in any other state so much the better. This is a serious time as all of our efforts could be undone. That is NOT, I think, what any of us who call ourselves Democrat want.

The opposition is energized and I feel it. They sense a big victory in November. My mind rejects that because it is utterly unacceptable to me as I am SURE it is to you. That is why I ask you, fervently, if you are able, to get the vote out for Democrats to at least diminish the November Republican onslaught. The Republicans we all know are not for the average American but they get many to believe they are and vote AGAINST even their own economic interests. They will do anything to win and we should too. I HOPE every day that we will.