Friday, September 21, 2012

Through My Eyes -- Voting Smart -- Warren v. Brown

A relative and I always state that we are a suckers for smart and we surely are. One thing is certain Elizabeth is very very smart and it showed during the debate. The appellation of professor which Brown stated so often to me is a plus. He must think it not. One wonders how anyone could think that being a professor is not an advantage. The problems our country faces are daunting and economic difficulties are, indeed, understatedly complex. She formed, through the president's appointment, the Consumer Protection Bureau. That speaks for itself.

I thought Brown came out of the starting gate a bully. He was snarky, sometimes rude and to me generally unlikable. He attacked her for the inane Cherokee native issue. I tell the story that in my youth my father said we might have some Scottish ancestry. I was incredulous. How could a seemingly 100% Jewish family think some were Scottish? They thought so because of family Ellis Island lore. In fact, I became very good friends with a woman in my dorm who had heard the story too. We found out later we were related. That's how genealogical issues get transmitted. They are often verbally handed down from generation to generation. Truly though with all the difficult issues the nation faces this native American story means nothing.

I thought Brown seemed nervous especially in the beginning. He sweated profusely.Moreover, he came across as particularly abrasive especially when he said she obviously did not "look like" a native American and we, he said, could see that. Well, I do not look Scottish either, Senator. So, what the heck does THAT mean? Nothing. Maybe he should do a DNA analysis!

Yes, she is softer and has a softer classier voice. I personally like that. He reminded me of a piece of sandpaper and a battering ram -- rough and harsh.

Further, and more importantly, I NEVER would vote for Brown not because of how he appears but because of who he politically is. He is bought, signed, sealed and delivered by the banks, the big corporatists and voted as such. He would and does represent the top 1%. He tried DESPERATELY to stay away from the name Romney, did not mention it once and I can understand why but he still is who he is.

If the Republicans take over the Senate it changes everything from who chairs important committees like the climate change denier Sen. Inhofe whom Warren mentioned could control the committee that votes on environmental protection issues to what votes are taken up and when. Brown thought that not important but it is it's VERY important. If Republicans take control of the Senate right wing extremists will have control of it too. Mitch McConnell would be its leader and that is a bad thing for all of us.

In sum, Elizabeth Warren is INFINITELY smarter than Brown, set up the Consumer Protection Agency through presidential appointment, her economic credentials are sky high and to me those are her most important qualities. She is better because she understands the complexities of our economic system better and SHE would TRULY be on the side of the 99% which includes most of us.

Just because Scott Brown looks good in a truck does NOT mean he looks good in the Senate. He should NOT be there and Elizabeth Warren should. The electorate should vote SMART and in November put her there!

Why we need to elect Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate! Work for hard for her and do so.