Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Simple Solutions: I was saddened to see the president so cowed, so serious and seemingly almost defeated when he commented upon the election at his afternoon press conference. He should be anything but defeated. He accomplished much BUT it is IMPOSSIBLE to get one's message out when one tries to compromise with a party who is at the corporate pigs’ electoral feeding trough and do not want to share their bounty with you. The president’s policies HAVE worked. Repeal of health care should NOT be an option and neither should repeal of financial reform. What should be an option is a LESS seemingly aloof disconnected president and a RETURN to the positive president who gave that electrifying speech before the 2004 Democratic convention and whom we witnessed earn a STUNNING victory in 2008. Barack Obama did his BEST to compromise with a party yearning –sometimes literally -- for his lynching. The elephant (pardon the pun) in the room is a racist white majority that saw its power slip and decided to organize with BILLIONS of WHITE corporate bucks to get their vote out NO MATTER how unqualified the candidate was. Some of the Tea Bag Republican candidates who THANKFULLY lost were a gut-wrenching embarrassment and bordered on pathological personality disorder.

While it is true that the people have voted change for economic reasons it is NOT true that the Hoover Republican approach to government will be the highway to heaven. It will not. It will plunge this country further into the ditch and that has been proven time and time and time again through MANY economic travails in the history of this country. BIG corporations and the oligarchy they bring do NOT care about you. They care about showing a profit. That is ALL they care about. It is true in health care as it is true in making toaster ovens. I do NOT want to entrust my health to General Electric! I do not want either big corporate power controlling elections nor do I want it collecting huge bonuses made possible by taxpayer dollars. I believe the greatest impediment to our economic recovery was not the stimulus but not ENOUGH stimulus. The public anger was not so much about the corporate bailouts because they are being paid back with interest but it was the corporate BONUSES about which the average American was apoplectic.

I have ALWAYS thought FDR made the correct policy about face after the 1929 crash. It was a HUGE philosophical shift because Herbert Hoover KNEW something had to be done to help the American people but he did NOT know how to do it and he COULD NOT bring himself to involve government in the process. Involving government in recovery went against everything for which the country heretofore stood. “After all,” said President Coolidge “the chief business of the American people is business.” He and all those before and after him up until FDR were consummately wrong.

I have always thought NYT editorialist Paul Krugman showed the correct path OUT of our Great Recession. The Rand Pauls of the world are WRONG and it will be proven with the tears of those who think is right. He is NOT. Government needs to CREATE more jobs WHILE raising money on the backs of those who have BILLIONS and can afford it while cutting spending which gets us into never-ending foreign entanglements. Fair is fair and justice is justice. Man works better when we all work together and help each other out. Health care is NOT a privilege it is a RIGHT and those who have more SHOULD pay more. It really is that simple!
An Angry Rant: I got 4 hours sleep so here is my Stream of Conscious. THANK GOD Harry Reid won and he won soundly!!!

I woke up to THIS good news. I KNEW the House would go but that crud Angle if she won I was going to take the first flight to China and STAY there and watch manufacturing soar because the Chinese are the wave of the future and that country KNOWS how to run things ... except pollution but they will get that right too. This country is FILLED with those who do not know their posterior from the elbow. So the party of the big business rancidness is the one to try to push forward our economy?? I DON'T THINK so..the others who follow that pied piper swill MANY are ALSO racist and they just couldn't stand to see a black man in office. Well I got news for them, this country is demographically ultimately going brown and I a white woman cannot WAIT to see it. That will be the best thing that ever happened to this sad nation as that part of this nation with their bigotry takes it down to the toilet!!

The only way to get jobs is for government to spend to get them and put a TAX on those swine who are 2% richest and own 70% of the wealth JUST like Krugman said but this country is too ideologically DUMB to realize it! The ones, the Republicans, who took us to the economic free fall dance are the ones who are going to cure the country's economic ills??.... I THINK NOT! At LEAST my wonderful state Massachusetts stayed BLUE and for that I am thankful. Take THAT you tea bag morons!

The Senate and the presidency are still in Democratic hands .... for now. Good luck with STALEMATE and a stale, mean, nasty, Ayn Rand the emotionally challenged jerk with her philosophy. I see a crystal ball of DOOM as Republicans will do what they have always the party of the top 2% who leaves us all in the dust! Good job Tea Baggers you will get what YOU deserve!