Friday, January 04, 2008

The Significance of Obama: Maybe the people can make a difference over the corrupt corporate stranglehold that has been this country. Nothing is perfect but this happening has been the most incredible thing I have witnessed since the Gene McCarthy organization of 68. This time though Obama really does have a chance. Maybe I will get my wish to experience a leader I can love like my parents loved Roosevelt. That has always been my dream. This is what I wrote to various media:

I feel like the day after the November election and my candidate won. I know that is not the case ... yet. I was up most of the night during the Iowa caucus because I could not sleep. Maybe just maybe it is morning in American again and hope is beginning to reign. Obama has an electricity that is contagious. He has convinced the doubter in me, through his message and his charisma to vote for him. The fuse, I believe, has been lit. I realize it is most emphatically not over yet but the dye has been cast and history has already been made. The fact it is a distinct possibility that a person of color could achieve the presidency is a major historical sea change. We are becoming a better nation and, perhaps, a more inclusive nation. Finally I can feel my alienation beginning to wane. Change is the genius of America and that is why so many from all over the world risk their life to get here. A new day is dawning. I want it. I can feel it. I fervently hope we get it.