Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why I am depressed -- I urge you to listen to this YouTube and Make a Decision

I urge you to listen to this Youtube by Noam Chomsky. You do not have to agree with all of his politics throughout his life but what he says now with respect to our political system is spot on correct! Listen and make a decision as to what needs to be done most especially electorally crushing not only Trump but the entire Republican Party before we can begin to address the destroyers of our species and planet -- climate change and nuclear war.

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A Little Levity -- very little -- I actually made up a joke!

What would Jesus say to Trump after hearing his cruel, mean, vindictive, angry, hostile, mendacious, crude, murderous, and rude verbosity?

Perhaps he would say to him "Go and sin no more."

To which Trump would say "No, I cannot pivot and won't change."

To which Jesus would say "To hell with you, I'm a With Her!"



Republicans lie and they lie ALL the time. Problem is their not too bright base believes the untruths. Sad and so worrisome. The anti-intellectualism of right wing extremists burns my brain.

It's simple. One can analyze it through Darwin's survival of the fittest truth. If one does not accept the truths of science that culture will die. Eventually, for example, if global climate change is not addressed by getting OFF fossil fuels we will NOT survive.

Those nations that accept the truths of science SIGNIFICANTLY reducing and even eventually eliminating fossil fuels WILL survive. So it's simple really either you accept science or die rejecting it believing a sky god will make things right. It won't. WE MUST! HILLARY CLINTON DOES NOT REJECT SCIENCE BUT TRUMP DOES!…/neal-larson-neil-degrasse-t…&