Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Ask, DO Tell: I called Senator Brown's office today to ask him to vote YES on REPEAL of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. They were polite and listened. They said they would pass my sentiments on to him. If you have not heard Lady Gaga speak on this important issue I urge you to click on the link below. It is one of the best, most poignant and dramatic speeches I have ever heard on this issue. It took a 24 year old rock star to give a shot in the arm and a hammer over the head of those intractable ideologues who are keeping DADT from dying the sad death it deserves. Those who support DADT are unconstitutionally condemning an entire group of men and women who are citizens of this country and who are willing to die for this country by preventing them from doing what everyone else in this country takes for granted and that is to live a life without discrimination and without fear and -- if one wants -- to serve in our military.

Whether those of you on my list live in Mass or not please call or email your senators if you haven't already to vote to support REPEAL of Don't Ask Don't Tell. This policy is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has been stated so by a Federal court. Secretary of Defense Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Mullen have voiced their approval of repealing this bad policy.

This CANNOT and SHOULD not stand. These people want to RISK their lives and serve the country they love just as much as any other soldier would and sometimes more because they have had to keep one of the most important aspects of a person's life secret. Put yourself in their place. Would YOU ever want to keep the person you love a secret? This is NOT the way to run a cohesive and psychologically effective military. The vote will be happening this afternoon. I ask you to call your senators this morning and ask them to support REPEAL of this vote today.

A Letter to Senators Snowe, Collins and Brown: The DADT policy is up for a vote today. It is one vote short. I wrote three separate letters to senators, Snowe, Collins and Brown in a hail Mary attempt to persuade them to vote for repeal of this heinous policy. I had written something last night which was more an ebullient piece on the glories of the Lady Gaga speech in Maine. Lady Gaga was more than extraordinary, she was the best I had ever heard for this cause. I wrote the following and amended it for each senator.

I need to rephrase what I wrote last evening to you as it was late and I was thrilled with the Lady Gaga speech. What I wrote to you was more about that than it was about what I implore you to do. I am hoping that you will vote for the REPEAL of an unconstitutional dastardly 17 year old discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

To say it is a horrible policy is an understatement. Being homosexual is NOT a choice. Why would anyone choose something for which one can be societally crucified.

I am asking you to vote to repeal this horrible, sad, hurtful policy against people who love this country. I have thought you a good person. I am appealing to that just side of you and not your allegiance to a party. I am hoping that you will vote to repeal this discriminatory bill and go down in history for your bravery. I hope Senator Snowe and Senator Brown will keep you company. But even if they do not YOU will be doing the morally correct, legally correct and BRAVE thing to do. Secretary Gates is against DADT, the head of the Joint Chief of Staff is against it and I am asking you to vote for the repeal of it. Thank you.