Monday, November 08, 2010

THIS IS WELL WORTH READING Click on the link to the title underlined or cut and paste the title into your browser.

> Subject: The K.F. Stone Weekly: "When Lunatics Take Over the Asylum"
A CORRECTED BIO of the author. Apologies, I had a few things about the author incorrect:

1. He worked in the Senate, the House and for Gov. Jerry Brown;

2. The "Boca" campus he teaches at is Florida Atlantic University. He also teaches at the latter's Jupiter campus and at Florida International University as well;

3. He has had a chavurah -- a synagogue "without walls" for the past decade. It meets in Coral Springs Florida for services, hagim (festivals), Torah study and Hebrew school, which is done out of his home.

"When Lunatics Take Over the Asylum," deals with last week's election and posits that it was neither as frightful as some fear nor as blessed as others believe.

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