Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Greatest Depression

LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) is a hugely important interest rate banks set for lending money to each other. It controls most everything in the stream of commerce. Its interest rate is worth TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS. Surprise, it too has been rigged! From LIBOR to Lehman, Sandusky to Penn State, to Paterno, before he died, negotiating a better contract during the child sex scandal, from Wall Street fraud to the Church pedophile gargantuan cover-up to a presidential candidate seeking the highest office this nation can bestow refusing to make public his finances adding to the suspicion that he is hiding something big. Suspicions are raised as one can only believe Mitt Romney does not want the people who could elect him to see what most of us suspect anyway – greed gone wild, tax havens, massive outsourcing of jobs, Bermuda and Swiss bank accounts in order to evade paying to the country he says he loves the taxes that the middle class must pay. The imagination soars at the hypocrisy and injustice of it all. The president is right.  Romney is NOT the solution to the problem.  He IS the problem.

The culture of greed is so bad that one wants to throw one’s hands up and ask why we, the innocent, have been so betrayed? Many are suffering. Economies everywhere are tanking. The havoc these men of Wall Street greed holding hands with a bought government have wreaked upon us forces out a blood curdling and mind numbing scream.

How many state pensions have been eradicated by these peddlers of Wall Street swill? How many investments people worked so hard to accumulate over a lifetime have vanished? How many countries, cities and towns are bankrupt with few fire or police to protect the people and few teachers to teach that which generations must know to survive? And who is jailed and held to account for this malevolent perfidious fraud? No one save Bernie Madoff for his own personal scheme.

How many pages of analysis will be written in history, how many academic explanations will there be? Who can calculate the world wide suffering of humanity at the hands of so few corrupt economic titans? The great George Carlin said it all in his "American Dream" monologue as I have iterated often. Remembering, he said, "The owners of this country own you. They want it ALL and they will get it. They are coming for it all, he said, because the game is rigged, it's a BIG club and, he said, you ain't in it." Youtube his “American Dream” monologue to see how prescient this man was. (Warning again some language can be rough.)

I weep for, as Chris Hayes titled his new book, the "Twilight of the Elites." The institutions we thought protected us have failed us and erased our hope. What do we do now and to whom do we turn? Many, too many, have no jobs, no home, no future, nothing. I am sad and no one is holding anyone to account for the Greatest Depression of them all, the emotional malady which we the people feel every day.

I Take It Back

I decided that I will take back what I said about Romneybot being finished.  Clearly tomorrow is another day as Scarlet O'Hara said in the racist Gone with the Wind. Yes, tomorrow IS another day and the American public INCLUDING some Democrats have remained notable for instantly forgetting something egregious like lying to attain the presidency. 

If the media does not pound the Romnybot story into submission every hour of every day through to the election in November and voters forget the lies that Romney has spun because his one goal is to be elected president than we as a nation will get the government we deserve -- corrupt, inhumane and corporatist.  We are already in part those things BUT many others who vote are not and want good, humane and truthful government.

If what Romney has said and about which he has lied, what Romney has done and what Romney clearly is does not sink his candidacy then we TRULY are a nation that gets the government it deserves.

Do NOT let these issues go.  Learn about what Mitt Romney is and what his latest lies are.  Tell the media, tell your senator, tell your congressman, tell your family and tell your friends the truth before we get a nightmare presidency yet again, a George Bush on steroids.

The Re-election of the president is mandatory and the election of Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate is more important now than ever before!