Monday, December 21, 2015

Need I say more than I have about electing Democrats? DO SO!

Russian Warplanes Allegedly Kill Scores In Syrian City

The link to the story: here or
A blogger writes: For those folks in the GOP who were OK with carpet bombing and very probably and frankly, deliberate, deaths of innocent civilians, and this includes our pal Trump, take a long hard look. This is what that policy looks like - a little... now let's see what the blow back looks like - for there will be blow back...
That blogger was correct and I said: So this is who Trump praises? Have to bomb families he says...ooops seems like it's the wrong families. Bombing to prop up Assad?

My post: ALL foreign forces should be out of there to let these people sort out those whom they want in power. One drop more of American blood should not be spilled and those especially Republicrats who want to go in and make the sand red should be willing to put their own lives on the line!