Thursday, August 30, 2012

Until There Is Nothing Left

Weather disaster after disaster year in and year out occurs. How long will it take the destroyers of science most especially of the Republican religiously fanatic Party to get it? One cannot deny science no matter how much one wants. The right wing party of extremists has no truth, has no science, deny man made global climate change and deny evolution, the bedrock of scientific advancement but rather accept their myths that a sky god will save us and take us to sky heaven. All we must do is pray.

Truth stares them in the face but it matters not. They will believe the untruths that make them feel safe even though they are far from safe. Those of us who love academic thought, reason and who see man's superiority over our less intelligent animal cousins as the SOLE reason for our survival, cringe at Republican politics. We have learned through the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and nature in general what is truth. Without science we, all of us who are among species homo sapiens die and our so called "lower" animal cousins survive on their own -- without us -- because they can.

This is why I am so desperate to reject what the Party of Extremism, the Republican Party, is. Our species's survival depends upon reasoned science. IF we do not save our planet through the discovery of clean energy and the eschewing of filthy oil and fossil fuels then hurricanes will continue to blow, droughts will happen, ice caps will melt until finally there is nothing left!

Too Late -- Points Far North

All Republican have is lies; lies lies and more lies, half truths and distortion is all they can use to advance a product they cannot sell unless they lie. I do NOT worry that the president would win. I am absolutely 100% sure he could BUT what I do worry about is that the treasonous opposition has fixed the vote not ONLY at the polls but more importantly with their illegal activities under the Voting Rights Act. When dim witted less than intelligent humans voted so many Republicans into majority in STATE legislatures they made sure to pass laws that would tamper down the Democratic vote with African Americans, the disabled, the poor, etc. and ESPECIALLY in so called swing states . These are the very people that NEED to vote.

The other piece of the worry pie, of course, is the utterly OBSCENE money and corrupt acts cloaked in now legal secrecy coming from anywhere, even foreign countries, it takes to run for ANY high office most ESPECIALLY the presidency. SCOTUSES Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Alito and Roberts with the Citizens decision KNEW what they were doing by gutting all the regulatory watch dogs of money tied to the vote. Who does it favor? One does not need to be a genius to know who.

Republicans can do anything they want to steal the vote from passing voter ID laws to closing the polls before everyone has voted or restricting days voters especially Democrats DO vote. Republicans have a BIG HOOT at what they have done to commit illegal acts under the 1965 Voting Rights Act. They will yell states' rights and what court controlled by extremist right wing elements is going to stop them?

Welcome, America, to the oligarchy (government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich) YOU have put into power. Enjoy because it may be the last act you ever do. Democracy? What Democracy? And We have the GALL to say we are spreading "democracy" to people to whom we want to feed our propaganda? Obscene is too weak a word but the real blame is to the American people who put them there in the first place. Now unless Democrats around the nation register people en mass and/or the president pulls his election through his cogent speech out of a hat I fear it may be too late! Point me to points far north?