Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dismayed, Disgusted and Demoralized: The following link is to Rolling Stone Magazine Tim Dickenson's article entitled "The Spill, The Scandal and the President." It is worth reading the entire article despite its length. It is easy to see why I am dismayed, disgusted and demoralized. It will put the monumental Gulf oil spill catastrophe into perspective and it will give you a better idea why on planet earth the president gave a thumbs up to off shore drilling, a policy he opposed during his campaign.

It is a story of the consequences of placing your IMPORTANT ideals on the chopping block of compromise to be sold to the highest bidder in hopes of getting something else. In this case an all systems go sign was given by the administration to BP, a corporation which was littered more times than any other drilling company, with citations, fines and penalties for numerous spills and oversights which cost human lives in exchange for, convenience, greed and profit. This time eleven men's lives and our entire Gulf coast, and even possibly beyond, is being sacrificed allegedly so the president could court votes to pass a climate bill with money, of course, in the mix. It is ironic, indeed, that this deal with the devil is responsible for the greatest environmental cataclysm that this country in its history has ever seen. It is the Chernobyl of our time. Its effects will be felt for decades and beyond even, perhaps, forever.

I URGE you to read it and to express your disgust to your representatives in Washington along with your STRONG opposition to further off shore drilling. If you truly care about your life, your children's lives, your country's life AND the life of the planet, its animals and its ecosystems it is the least you can do.

The link to the mind numbing story is the following: