Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Wanna Be King’s Speech -- Romney’s Failure Before and Insult to the NAACP:

Appealing to the Republican white racist base Romney insulted the entire NAACP. Mitt Romney had the unmitigated gall to stand before the oldest African American organization dedicated for hundreds of years to securing equal rights for people of color in a nation that wanted only the color white to rule and spew views he understood they would reject.

Willard Mitt Romney knew exactly what he was doing speaking before the NAACP to disparage the Affordable Healthcare Act using the demeaning name of “Obamacare” promising to repeal it. He used the first African American president’s signature legislation and weaponized it to disparage that which he knew nearly every member of the audience loved and supported. God forbid this empty robotic unprincipled man is elected president because he first could fire up his racist white extremist base to nominate him for a job he is unqualified to hold.

Romney is very much about his racist base and, indeed, never could be nominated by the Republican Party without it. We know he will pay any price, bear any burden, court anyone he needs, and flip flop on every single principle he has held to have the symbolic title of president appear on a seal behind which he will, if elected, speak.

Romney is the most dastardly despicable man who will do anything to win no matter whose toes he must step on to secure the office. He is dastardly and despicable because he knows better. He was the most moderate candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and in the 1994 candidacy for the Senate against Teddy Kennedy but now, vying for the presidency and needing a white, old so called conservative base to win calls himself “severely conservative.” Who does this hateful man think he is fooling?

He spoke in front of the NAACP with a hope that what he said would engender cat calls and boos from an audience whom he knows would never support his views. He did this to reinforce his white racist base and compete with the mantra of a Rick Santorum; hell Mitt Romney could compete with a Klansman. This man whose principled Republican father walked with civil rights workers and refused to compromise his beliefs but, seemingly, the father’s ever-so-moral actions did not rub off on the son.

The son will do anything needed to secure the nomination of the now Republican Party of extreme. Whether he can peddle his tripe to the rest of the nation he WILL need to be elected is another matter. I believe Mitt Romney’s fate was sealed the minute he stepped in front of the platform to speak to the NAACP and threw insult after insult to a most respectful audience. The majority in this country are over our Civil War national nightmare.

Shame on you, Mitt Romney, you are the greatest insult not only to those at the NAACP but to those who stood with them when standing with them was the most dangerous thing one could do. Where were you, Mitt Romney, when your father proved his manhood by standing up for principle because it was the right thing to do? Perhaps you were assaulting a young man cutting off his hair trying to show everyone else and yourself how manly you were. You are a vacuous empty suit and the most unmanly of men, Mitt Romney. You have failed your father. You are not a wealthy winner but you are a poor man loser of no conviction who will try to win the presidency at any cost. Let us hope for the sake of the nation you fail at that as well.

The Killers of the Right to Life

The New York Times reported on strides being made through unraveling the genetic mysteries of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. I place the article here and its link below. A blogger expressed it well when he wrote of the tragedy that is the basis of the right wing assault on science and its desire to eliminate funding for most government programs that could serve the public good. Investigation into the cause of Alzheimer's, the topic of discussion in the NYT article, would be no exception if the wingnuts in the person of a Mitt Romney gain power. Government funding could and would be, in many cases, Inquisitionally guillotined.

A relative has, for ten years, been assaulted by this disease monstrosity. A strong woman once a children's music theater composer, writer of children's plays and puppet creator barely recognizes her own daughter now. It is spirit destroying both for the person who is unlucky enough to get the disease as well as for those who knew and loved her before its onslaught.

 Many right-wing bloviating ignoramuses (to use a George Will description of a certain Republican) in the person of the empty suit Romney could eliminate vital government- funded programs needed to investigate diseases such as Alzheimer's which eliminate the quality of life and slowly but surely kill its host. Those who care about fetuses but blindly court policies that would eradicate full term human beings are walking hypocrites and destroyers of the very life about which they claim to care so much.

We are staggered by the waste of our relative who could have spent many more years entertaining the children she did in her prior life. She is a different person now and not the one we knew. Her daughter's eyes are dry of the tears she has shed for her because hopelessness now rules the day.

Those who have the gift to understand science research keep using your gifts. We the people must NOT elect those whose policies would subvert government funding of the scientific research we need so much. If elected, those right wing extremists would create the new killing fields by eliminating the people’s partnership with government which strives to protect us all. We are, as John Kennedy said, all human and we are each of us mortal.