Monday, May 17, 2010

I hate to say this but Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite (See Newsweek's Gabe Pressman article "Pat Buchanan's On the Rampage Against Jews -- Again" I am letting various media know that if they have him on I will NOT watch. One evening on Rachel Maddow's show Buchanan was particularly vitriolic against whom I cannot remember. I suspect it was either blacks or Jews naturally -- who else? Rachel Maddow, it seemed, got rather steamed at him and showed me again how wonderful she truly is. She used to say he was her friend but I doubted he was. Kudos to her for not having him on, that I have seen, since then but then again to Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, too, I give kudos every time I watch which is every night. I do not know what I would do without them.

I am not anti-free speech as Pat Buchanan, of course, may say anything he wants but I do NOT have to listen to him and I won't. To think a couple of years ago I emailed him directly applauding him for being so smart is astounding to me now. I said I wished he were in the left corner instead of the right. I never heard anything in response but maybe my surname being quite Jewish was responsible for his not addressing my email or maybe he is just too damn busy to make time for us peons. We are ONLY the ones who keep his bank account humming. Why should he bother with us?

I will not listen to anti-Semitic comments from anyone. Jewish history has been too damaged and the six million are never out of my mind for even a day. He besmirches their memory to me when he waxes anti Semitic, denies the Holocaust or thinks it was trivial to US interests. Never again is not just a slogan to me. It means something -- not now, not tomorrow, not ever again will THIS Jew listen to those who wish that Hitler succeeded and think, too, that the US interests would have been better served during that fateful time had it been Germany's ally instead of its enemy. If Buchanan were a Jew he would be singing a different song. The fact that he cannot place his own feet in someone else's shoes shows me how sour, off key and despicable his song truly is.