Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Enemy Within

We have seen the enemy and it is part of us. I am sad to say, it is the Republican Party billionaire corporate monied-saturated immoral mendacious malcontents and their side car of racist hate mongers the Tea Baggers. We as Democrats no matter our faults are INFINITELY more progressive and humane than these racist excuses for humanity who want to bring down our president. They could not do it legally through the electoral process so they gerrymandered state districts and took over state houses all over the nation to inflict their fraud and voter suppression on the poor, on the powerless, on women, on the elderly and on the disabled. It did NOT work nationally in 2012 and we MUST at all costs stop them from using the Affordable Care Act as the only weapon they have left because as Minority leader McConnell said his one goal is to defeat the president.

There will always be another way to try to destroy the president. First it was Eric Holder and Fast and Furious utter nonsense that went nowhere because it was about nothing, then it was trumped up Benghazi faux anger with Daryl Issa the despicable and his faux hearings and now it is health care. What else?

We as loyal Democrats and all other true patriotic persons MUST in 2014 take back the House. This obstructionism and nullification with Confederate, Birchers, gun nuts and Klu Klux Klan sympathizers finding home in the Republican Party MUST be stopped.

The country's demographics are changing and the right wing odious peddlers of hate know it. Rightwing extremism went down in Virginia as the Democrats SWEPT a 2013 election. It must go down all over the nation as well.We must not let them win. NEVER turn our backs on our president who has been besieged by the legions of hate.

I believe stunning and crushing victory over the Republican Party in November, 2014 WILL take place if we people of good will ensure that it does!