Thursday, October 11, 2012

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An Unmanly Man

Mitt Romney is a MOST impolitic, unprincipled and a truly unmanly man. I know this because I have made an assessment based on the commission by Mitt Romney of three egregious things that, in my view, make him so.

The story, Mitt says he does not remember but others who were with him that day still do, as a teen away at an impressive upper crust boys’ school Mitt Romney decided another boy in his class did not meet his expectations of how a manly man should be. So he did what any manly man would do he led with others an attack on the boy whose hair was a bit too long for Mitt Romney's manly taste. They attacked the boy by taking a pair of scissors and cutting the boy's hair unmoved by the boy’s screams and protestations. The manly man Mitt Romney assaulted, pinned the hapless boy down and then cut his slightly-too-long-hair because he did not quite meet up to Romney's ever-so-high manly standards.

I aver, though, Mitt Romney is NOT a manly man but is a most UNMANLY man if he at that time attacked a boy for such a trivial matter as the length of his hair and then professes loudly now when it is revealed that he does not remember such an event. Who could forget that? A man who is secure in his manhood does not care about the effeminacy of another man, indeed, does not feel threatened but a man who does not feel quite manly enough DOES care. After all he must affirm to HIMSELF alone that he is certainly not made of effeminate stuff like the boy whose hair he cut. Mitt Romney, though, is in reality the thing he fears the most. He is a most unmanly man.

Unmanly men who feel in their heart not quite secure enough often bully and go after those people or even animals that are less powerful to prove their own strength. They need to bask in the security of their control by controlling everything around them even if it is just simply a dog. Shamus, Romney’s dog, if he could have spoken, I am sure would tell us he did not like one bit being imprisoned in a crate strapped to the roof of the Romney car in the summer heat riding many miles north to Canada while Manly Mitt drove him there. When the dog became sick and excreted on the roof and while the excretion ran down the back window of the car Manly Mitt simply drove his car to a car wash, hosed it and the dog off then drove away again with the dog in tow. Who of us could do such a shameful thing to an animal – ONE'S dog!? Mitt Romney could and this makes Manly Mitt ever-so UNMANLY to me.

Perhaps the most telling story of Mitt’s dishonorable behavior is the story which was iterated on Larry O’Donnell’s “The Last Word.” According to “Newsday” “Romney in recent days has been telling voters on the stump of a chance encounter with a former Navy SEAL, Glen Doherty, at a Christmas party two or three years ago. Doherty was among four Americans killed in the attacks in Benghazi.” Doherty’s mother, Barbara, angry at Mitt’s use of her son’s name said "I don't trust Romney. He shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda. It's wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama." Worse, Doherty’s brother further iterates that Glen told him something odd about the chance encounter with Mitt Romney at the Christmas party. In a span of twenty minutes Mitt Romney went over to Glen Doherty and introduced himself to him four times. Clearly, Mitt Romney either could not have cared less about the SEAL or we should very much care if Mitt Romney has a touch of Alzheimer’s. If you were at a party and not inebriated, as Mormons do not drink, wouldn't you remember at least the third time within a span of 20 minutes that you already met this person ESPECIALLY if he were as notable as a Navy SEAL? This is the behavior of a boorish, self absorbed man who does not give proper honor to a man he says impressed him so but yet when they met he did not remember he introduced himself to Glen Doherty four times within a period of twenty minutes. Unmanly Mitt does not give a rat’s petuti about anyone other than himself. It accounts for the fact that, as John Fugelsang said on the Stephanie Miller Show “Mitt Romney flip-flops more times than a mattress at a crack house!” He does not care what he says, what positions he takes as long as Mitt has sold himself to whatever group he needs to seal (pardon the pun) the deal. We see faux tears well up in his eyes wondering why no tears were running down his cheeks as he paused as if waxing emotional but clearly not being so.

Are these things the acts of a manly man? I think they are the acts of a selfish, self-serving, self absorbed, indecorous, unprincipled and unmanly man who will do anything, say anything and be anything to advance solely himself. He is, indeed, the most impolitic, impolite and UNMANLY of men trying to soar like an eagle to Olympian heights in pursuit of the highest echelon of power. May this unmanly man go down in flames before his flames engulf us all!