Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney is Toast!!

Romney is TOAST!!! He wants both ends and in the middle.  See the article entitled "Mitt Romney's Own 2002 Testimony Undermines Bain Departure Claim" here and below.  He's DONE.  His interview on CNN said NOTHING absolutely NOTHING and the other alleged media interviews will say nothing too.  He may have even committed perjury time will tell. On the one hand when it is convenient he says he had no involvement with Bain after 1999.  But when he ran for governor of Mass and needed to establish residency he said he had business involvements though a company (Lifelike Co.) heavily tied to Bain.  So which is it, Mr. Romney?  He wants his cake and eat it too but he CANNOT have it.  Running for president is a different ball game altogether and he will learn his lesson about that one.

He said on CNN that he will only give 2010/11 taxes. OH SURE that should help -- NOT!  The guy has LOTS to hide and this latest story of signatures on documents AFTER he was SUPPOSED to have left Bain put the icing on the cake.  It's the smoking gun about policy the very policy on which he is running and says he is qualified for the presidency.  

Mitt give it up.  McCain did not choose you for VP because even HE saw your tax returns. YOU ARE A LOSER!

The Bain of Romney’s Existence – Mr. Romney, Splain Bain!

Romney, in Ricky Ricardo fashion, STILL has some splainin to do. The Boston Globe maintains in its front page article yesterday here and below (important to read) that Romney, according to SEC documents, stayed longer at Bain than he has said he did. From what I have read and the infinite discussions I have listened to this is probably WHY Willard Mitt Romney does NOT want to release his taxes for more than one year and WHY he is hiding what he did at Bain, the enumeration of the companies in which he invested and when. It is even alleged he ran Stericycle during that time (a company which disposed of aborted fetuses.) The rightwingnuts should simply LOVE that!

Some understanding of what Bain Capital (Romney’s Company and source of his wealth) did and why running Bain in addition to his running of the Olympics in Salt Lake City makes him qualified to be president. He says his work at Bain makes him qualified to create jobs and lead the country out of the swamp of Depression it has been in since 2007.

First, some facts: Bain is NOT a company that created jobs. In fact it mainly did the opposite. It was a company that took over failing companies, stripped them of their assets, fired thousands of workers leaving them with no job, no health insurance or as Ricky Ricardo would say NADA (NOTHING.) Bain often shipped those jobs overseas to countries like say you know CHINA something Romney says he loathes and for which he blames the president. He, so far, has never specifically explained how he would STOP companies from shipping jobs overseas and create new jobs here.

Romney LIES ALL the time. He did not save other companies that were floundering and create jobs but rather destroyed companies by divesting them of assets, firing workers and shipping jobs overseas while he took MEGGA profits from companies he created then. He did not rescue companies he killed them significantly and regular Americans who lost those jobs paid the hefty price.

Second: There is now a discrepancy of when Romney SAYS he gave up his position at Bain allegedly in 1999 but his SEC filings are alleged to say that he was the sole owner and 100% controller of Bain through 2002 (the year he ran for governor of Massachusetts.) If he had control of Bain through 2002 then everything that Bain did by emasculating companies, firing workers, shipping jobs overseas and even investing in other companies had to have Romney fingerprints on it.

In defense Romney says, and Bain Capital partners back him up, that his role as sole owner of Bain was simply a figurehead role and that he gave up control to a group who were responsible for conducting the business affairs of Bain while Romney was off to Utah in 1999 saving the Olympics.

Does it strike you as odd that the uber controller that Romney was alleged to have been would keep his name on SEC filings as sole owner and controller of Bain Capital and then have others run that company with no input from him as a "figurehead?" Yes, it strikes me as odd too.

Furthermore, his running of the Olympics has never been fully discussed. It has been alleged that his taking over the Olympics had significant conflict of interest issues. It is suggested that he created jobs during the Olympics using companies that had direct connection to Bain. He must have made significant money from that as well if that allegation is true.

These allegations offer other rationales as to WHY Romney will NOT release his tax information for more than one year. His taxes from 1999 through 2002 are suspect because he may have done exactly what he says he would not do as president.

Mr. Romney, fess up. SPLAIN. What is the true source of your wealth during those so called "shadow years" of figurehead control of Bain. Until the American electorate sees copies of Romney's tax returns especially from the crucial years of 1999 through 2002 and even after 2003 and beyond we will NEVER know the ugly (or beautiful) truth behind his business activities, the sole reason he says he should be president.

I link an article written by David Bernstein in "Talking Politics" here and below summarizing why the “shadow years” at Bain are important and why Mitt Romney if he wants the top job as president of the United States MUST splain Bain!

Re-Electing the President and Elizabeth Warren for US Senate is more important now than ever before!