Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My relative: Jon Finer (my mother's maiden name.) How proud of him are we? VERY!!

My relative: Jon Finer (my mother's maiden name.)  :-)

Such a Deal

What I sent to Congress about the Deal:

I am a white Jewish woman and I support 100% the expertly crafted nuclear Deal with Iran. The alternative would mean a probable war with Iran and not in the distant future. It is an impossibility for the US to endure yet another huge Middle East quagmire costing double the Iraq War in blood and treasure. It is more than unacceptable. It is impossible and wrong.

No deal means Iran would continue its stepped up enriched uranium process (and its search for plutonium) to build a bomb doing it soon within the most fractured and volatile region of the world we helped create.

We are talking about the surety of war with Iran and eventually a possible nuclear one at that. The Israelis should be proclaiming the virtues of this Deal some of their own scientists support because it delays Iranian enrichment for over a decade and in some cases more. If Iran fails to accept inspections the business-as-usual sanctions will continue. None of the other P5 plus 1 nations will continue bone crushing sanctions against Iran without trying the negotiated Deal first. The US 's MIT nuclear expert, Ernst Moniz, President Obama’s Energy Secretary led the complicated crafting of this Deal. Moreover, we should accept what the other P5 plus 1 nations want, nuclear experts want and the world wants because the stakes for not accepting it are so unnecessary and so high.

Either one accepts nuclear scientists – including some in Israel – or one does not. Our science denying corporatist owned Republican Congress are a joke to the rest of the world but the Deal Republicans cavalierly renounce is serious. Those who unfathomably reject this Deal will, hopefully, lose this fight.

In evolutionary terms the fittest survive and science deniers will not be among them at least not for long. I do not want know-nothings dragging those of us who accept science and its truth into an explosive catastrophe because of those who do not. Scientists support this Deal because they know it is the best one we could get to avoid war for decades so no war will happen now. Another US monstrous intervention against Iran costing blood and treasure in the trillions inflating our debt even more – something Republicans say they loathe – is unacceptable.

Republicans never saw a war they did not like but know nothing about adding the nuclear equation to the mix with its calculus of losing certainty. The P5 plus 1 is led by an academically gifted group of nuclear experts. They have with the other P5 plus 1 nations created a masterpiece most accept except our know-nothing Republican Congress. To the world we are a joke but to the academically inclined the game is deadly serious.

Howard Zinn always told me with respect to war ask the question who does it benefit and why. In addition to those questions with corporate answers I ask do you want your children to live. It's that simple.

SUPPORT the nuclear deal with Iran, bring Iran into the family nations and avert the slaughter of generations. Such a deal my Jewish grandmother would say. I say to the Congress approve it!