Friday, March 14, 2014

Scott Brown attempting to unseat Dem. Jeanne Shaheen in NH

Yep, it's sadly true looks like Republican Scott Brown is making another attempt at attaining a Democratic senate seat. This time he MOVED to NH just to unseat the wonderful Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. I will not state the obvious that this must NOT happen.

I am sure NH Dems will come out in MAXIMUM strength to make sure it does NOT. The rancid Brown, equipped with his nefarious attack on the great Senator from Mass., Elizabeth Warren by besmirching her ethnicity with his insulting racist Indian war hooping minions leading the way, cannot be allowed yet again to try to turn the Senate Republican this time in the Massachusetts's neighboring state of New Hampshire. He did NOT win against Senator Warren and he CANNOT win against Shaheen.

NH voters MUST GET THE DEMOCRATIC vote out to ensure this does NOT happen.

We are at a crossroads in our nation's history. Either we move forward to an all inclusive nation or we move backwards into a pre Civil War era with the nullification of everything the Democratic Party has achieved for all of us.

The 1% are coming for it all -- your money and for everything as the great George Carlin so presciently predicted in his "American Dream" monologue.

Make NO mistake Scott Brown is NOT about you. He can say he is all he wants but he is NOT about the 98% He is about the 1% and most assuredly he is not about most of us!

Google George Carlin's "American Dream" monologue if you want to hear someone get a bulls-eye by predicting in 2007 what is true today. I wish he were here today to realize how correct he was. If you Google it be warned it contains some profanity. I can take the profanity because he is 100% right on the money ... literally!

Lyndon Johnson gave a speech about legislation giving every American the right to vote - LBJ Presidential Library

What we stand to lose if Republicans take power as they try to suppress the vote all over the nation. Listen to the speech LBJ gave. How dignified and brave for a man from the south to take up the cause of minorities and all of us! Feel free to forward.

Your Life

If Republican lies on Obamacare win it all for the Republicans and if the Koch Brothers with other bottomless money pits wrest control of the entire country for them YOU WILL lose. 

If Republicans take it all and you do not mind losing your rights to an endurable life making the 1% richer and the 98% poorer then pay no attention to 2014 election and simply let Republicans win.  

If they win YOU and all of us (except the richest 1%) will lose.  If you do not mind losing your right to a better life, the right to make your own choices, the right to hope for a better life then feel free to sit this one out.  I suspect once you lose these things many take for granted you will NOT like it.Work for a Democratic win and TURN OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE.   I list, again, the following that WILL occur if Republicans win it all:

Eradication of the Affordable Care Act which is bringing health insurance to those who had none and saving lives Republicans do not care to save;
Social Security – they want to privatize it;
Medicare—Republicans will tell you they want to save it from Obama cuts but that is a lie.  They want deform it with vouchers;
Medicaid—they want to eradicate it;
Private Enterprise rights over civil rights—they want each state to decide if they want to discriminate even if it means not serving minorities at a lunch counter or restaurant with the ultimate elimination of the 1965 Civil Rights Act;
The reversal of Roe v. Wade eliminating a woman’s right to choose her own family planning and medical fate, who for numerous medical and other reasons seek abortion relegating them to the back alley abortionists of yesteryear who blood poisoned and through infection killed thousands and reduced women sometimes even to sterility;
Returning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy to the military so gays must live in fear of Putin-like policy and, yes, even elimination from society at large by imprisonment;
Codifying Constitutionally-based discrimination;
Re-instituting the Defense of Marriage Act;
Capturing the judiciary with extremist right wing judges;
Promoting a culture of guns even for 5 year olds and even in our schools;
Ad infinitum eternal war and a bloated military budget;
Relegating women to second class pay status;
Eradicating unions that protect workers;
More tax cuts for the rich which will NEVER trickle down to you;
Deregulating the economy-crushing Wall Street and returning business to a pre Great Depression and Great Recession status;
Never passing a minimum wage;
Eradicating unemployment benefits;
Denying science, climate change and the catastrophes we already have suffered from man-induced global climate change including severe drought, severe storms, tornadoes, floods, fire, ice and snow;
Denying the fact of evolution so that new biological discoveries which will save lives will not happen; teaching the mythological creationism as fact-based non science;
Severe cuts to the NIH eliminating government’s disease fighting and disease tracking efforts; 
Diminishing regulatory agencies like the EPA;
Eliminating mental health government-sponsored studies;
Proliferating dirty oil and fracking that have polluted so much of the nation and setting it literally on fire;
Emphasizing alternative clean energy;
Negligence repairing Infrastructure that has decayed all over the nation.

Our nation, if Republicans are given total power, will end programs that have helped sustain it over decades even centuries.  They have done so in states where Republicans reign.

We MUST work hard to tell the Koch Brothers and their ilk that they CANNOT buy America.  We must work HARD to elect, contribute to and advocate for Democrats everywhere.  MOST OF ALL GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE in every state and for each branch of Congress in 2014 and beyond

Your life is at stake. It's that simple.

Pass this on to whomever you like.